Blue world City Balloting


Blue World City, a prestigious real estate project in Pakistan, has recently made headlines with the announcement of its much-awaited balloting event. The news was particularly significant as it was unveiled by the legendary Pakistani cricketer, Shoaib Akhtar. The project’s management, in collaboration with Akhtar, expressed their commitment to delivering the promised plots to investors and unveiled their ambitious plans for future development. In a remarkable feat, Blue World City has acquired a vast land area of 10,000 kanals from Mivida, marking the foundation of Pakistan’s largest cricket stadium within the township.

Shoaib Akhtar's Announcement and Promise of Delivery:

Renowned for his aggressive pace and dynamic personality, Shoaib Akhtar is a cricketing legend who has represented Pakistan on the international stage. With his vast fan following and deep admiration for the country, Akhtar’s association with Blue World City brings immense credibility to the project. In his announcement, Akhtar expressed his confidence in the management’s ability to deliver the plots to investors, assuring them that their trust would not be in vain. His endorsement further solidifies Blue World City’s commitment to transparency, reliability, and customer satisfaction.

Acquisition of 10,000 Kanals of Land from Mivida:

In a groundbreaking move, Blue World City has acquired a staggering 10,000 kanals of land from Mivida, a renowned name in the real estate sector. This significant land acquisition sets the stage for the development of Pakistan’s largest cricket stadium within the Blue World City premises. The addition of this state-of-the-art stadium will undoubtedly be a game-changer for the region, providing cricket enthusiasts with a world-class facility to witness thrilling matches and showcasing Pakistan’s love for the sport.

The Emergence of Blue World City's Waterfront Block:

Another exciting development that has captured the attention of investors is the introduction of the Waterfront Block in Blue World City. Nestled alongside the serene banks of a water body, this exclusive block offers residents a breathtaking view and an unparalleled living experience. With an emphasis on luxury and tranquility, the Waterfront Block embodies the essence of modern living, replete with premium amenities, lush green landscapes, and an environment designed to promote a healthy and active lifestyle.

Payment Plan for plots in Blue World City Waterfront Block:
General and Awami Blocks:

Understanding the varying needs and preferences of its diverse clientele, Blue World City has also announced the balloting for its General and Awami Blocks. These blocks cater to individuals seeking affordable housing options without compromising on quality and amenities. With well-designed infrastructure, a range of housing choices, and proximity to essential facilities, the General and Awami Blocks aim to provide comfortable living spaces that are within reach for a wider audience.

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