The Sultan Luxury Hotel Apartments is Launched in Bahria Town Islamabad

Discover the perfect combination of luxury hotel apartments and commercial shops at one convenient location.

A Secure Investment with Guaranteed Rental Income in Islamabad

Gondal Group of Marketing is revolutionizing real estate investment with The Sultan, a unique concept that transcends traditional property ownership.This follows the success of “The Sultan in Mumtaz City ” , which is already in development.

 A groundbreaking concept designed for those looking to invest in real estate properties that generate rental income while appreciating in value over time. This unique offering addresses common investor concerns about construction delays, rental challenges, and return on investment.   

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Addressing Investors and Buyers Concerns

Investors often face issues such as construction delays, difficulties in securing tenants, and inadequate rental returns. The Sultan project aims to resolve these issues by providing a comprehensive solution where the property is not only completed on time but also managed effectively to ensure consistent rental income and value appreciation.

The Sultan's Promise

The Sultan is more than just a building; it’s a comprehensive plan designed to maximize your returns. Here’s how it works:

  • Guaranteed Rental Income: Upon completion, The Sultan will manage your property, securing tenants and guaranteeing rental income. This eliminates the hassle of finding tenants and ensures a steady financial flow.
  • Appreciating Property Value: Over time, real estate in prime locations like Bahria Town Phase 4 experiences natural value appreciation. This, coupled with guaranteed rental income, makes The Sultan an investment that delivers returns on multiple fronts.

Multiple Locations, One Investment Philosophy

The Sultan is not a one-time project; it’s a vision being realized across prime locations. Currently, The Sultan is under construction in Mumtaz City, with projects launching in few days  in Bahria Town Phase 4 and the scenic Murree Hills is coming soon.

Hotel Apartments Location in Bahria Town Islamabad

location of sultan apartments in bahria town phase 4

The Sultan Bahria Town is strategically situated in Paradise Commercial, boasting a double road frontage and easy access from the main GT Road entrance of Bahria Town Phase 4. This prime location guarantees high visibility and foot traffic, making it ideal for residential and commercial spaces.

The Sultan Building Overview

The Sultan Bahria Town seamlessly integrates commercial and residential spaces. The building utilizes the:

  • Lower Ground Floor: Dedicated to various shops catering to residents and visitors.
  • Ground Floor: housing commercial shops specially designed for famous local and international brands, offering additional convenience and generating rental income.

Upper Floors:

These  5 floors will feature luxurious, 4-star hotel apartments. The lobby access will be from the side of the building


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Guaranteed Rental Income:

Once construction is complete, The Sultan will take the worry of managing your property off your shoulders.

The Sultan in Bahria Town will ensure that your property is rented out at competitive rates. Their professional property management team will handle everything, ensuring your investment generates consistent rental income. If ever you like to sell your property at The Sultan you can do so with ease  you can have the option of The Sultan management or any other party

This approach is mirrored in the Mumtaz City development, providing investors with peace of mind and a reliable income stream.

Hotel Apartments with Options to Suit Your Needs:

The Sultan Bahria Town offers two distinct apartment categories:

  • Royal Suites: These expansive suites, starting at 449 sqft, are ideal for families or those seeking extra space. They feature private pools, enhancing the luxurious living experience.

  • Executive Suites: Starting from 405 sqft, these suites are perfect for individuals or couples. They boast Jacuzzis, adding a touch of indulgence to your stay.

    • Purpose: 4-star hotel apartments.

    • Categories:

      • Royal Suites with Pool:

        • Sizes: 449 sqft and 482 sqft
        • Price: PKR 21,000/sqft
        • Down Payment: PKR 1,885,800 and PKR 2,024,400
        • Installments: 36 monthly installments of PKR 209,533 and PKR 224,933
        • Total Price: PKR 9,429,000 and PKR 10,122,000

          • Executive Suites with Jacuzzi:

            • Sizes: 405 sqft and 329 sqft
            • Price: PKR 19,000/sqft
            • Down Payment: PKR 1,539,000 and PKR 1,250,200
            • Installments: 36 monthly installments of PKR 171,000 and PKR 138,911
            • Total Price: PKR 7,695,000 and PKR 6,251,000

Detailed Features and Pricing

Commercial Spaces:

  • Lower Ground Floor:

    • Shop Size: 432 sqft
    • Price: PKR 75,000/sqft
    • Total Price: PKR 32,400,000
    • Down Payment: PKR 4,860,000
    • Installments: PKR 578,571 for 42 months
  • Ground Floor:

    • Shop Size: 847 sqft
    • Price: PKR 95,000/sqft
    • Total Price: PKR 80,465,000
    • Down Payment: PKR 12,069,750
    • Installments: PKR 1,436,875 for 42 months

Front Elevation

The Sultan Bahria Town boasts a captivating architectural design, with the front elevation distinct from the Mumtaz City project due to Bahria Town’s specific bylaws. This ensures a unique and aesthetically pleasing structure that complements its surroundings.

Comprehensive Property Management


The Sultan ensures that properties are rented at competitive rates and that property values increase over time, providing investors with a reliable income stream and peace of mind.

 Gondal Group of Marketing’s The Sultan project offers a compelling investment opportunity in Bahria Town Phase 4. With strategic locations, comprehensive property management, and a focus on delivering value and convenience, The Sultan is set to become a premier choice for real estate investors in Islamabad.



  • Safety and Security of (International Safety Standard)
  • Swimming Pool (Inside Suite)
  • 2 sides of open parking
  • Cafe Sitting Area
  • CCTV Surveillance 24/7
  • Complimentary Wi-Fi Facility
  • Air-conditioned atmosphere
  • Exclusive Suites
  • Fine Dining Facilities
  • Grand Entrance Lobby
  • Guest Service Lifts
  • Guest Parking
  • Cash & Carry Retail Area
  • Rentable Hotel Suites
  • Restaurant (With Terrace seating)
  • Roof-top Outdoor Restaurant/Café
  • Spacious Lift Lobby
  • Spacious Welcome Desk and Waiting Area
  • Standby Power Generator
  • Smart Card Access Controlled Doors

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