B-17 Multi-Professional Cooperative Housing Society (MPCHS) – a beacon of modern living and promising investment opportunities. Nestled in the heart of Islamabad, B-17 is not just a housing society; it’s a vision of contemporary living and community development. Developed by the renowned MPCHS, known for its successful projects like CDA sectors E-11 and F-17, B-17 promises a life of comfort, convenience, and unwavering value.

Recent Developments:

The management of B-17 MPCHS is proud to announce the possession of 4200 plots in the G block. The rapid pace of development in the society is evident, with individuals eagerly constructing their dream homes and commercial structures. Those who have booked plots in G block and cleared their development charges can now witness their investments materialize.

B-17 multi gardens

Strategic Location:

  • Connectivity Edge: B-17 boasts unparalleled accessibility thanks to its proximity to the CEPEC route and Margalla Road (Rawalpindi Ring Road). Seamless connections to key destinations are at your fingertips.

  • Fully Approved Project: Rest assured, B-17 is a fully NOC-approved project, guaranteeing transparency and legal legitimacy. Invest with confidence knowing your dream home is on solid ground.

Why Invest in B-17?

Strategic Location: Enjoy the convenience of quick access to major routes, ensuring you are always well-connected.
Rapid Development: Witness your investment grow as the society undergoes rapid development, attracting residents and businesses alike.
NOC Approval: With full NOC approval, B-17 guarantees a secure and legally sound investment opportunity.
Modern Living: Embrace a lifestyle that combines modern amenities, community spirit, and a tranquil environment.
Proven Developers: Trust in the expertise of developers who have successfully delivered notable projects in the region.

Multi garden Phase-2 Paymnet plan

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