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Blue World City Balloting Deadline Approaching


With visionary leadership under the esteemed Chairman, Mr. Saad Nazi, the community is abuzz with anticipation as the next phase unfolds. In a recent announcement, Mr. Saad Nazi revealed pivotal details regarding the upcoming balloting event, slated to coincide with the auspicious month of Ramadan.

Blue world City Awami block

Location Concerns Addressed:

Understanding the paramount importance of location for our esteemed residents, the management of Blue World City has been attentive to the community’s concerns. Particularly, the focus has been on addressing the queries and preferences regarding the balloting of General Block Phase 2 and the Overseas Block location.

Blue world City sports valley master plan

Community Feedback and Requests:

Numerous voices within the community have articulated their preference for the new blocks to be situated within close proximity to the already established residential clusters. Recognizing the value of such feedback, the management has taken proactive steps to align with these sentiments.

Proposed Changes:

Initially, the proposed location for General Block Phase 2 was positioned across the motorway. However, in response to the community’s requests, the management has revisited the plan. Consequently, efforts are underway to ensure that the new blocks are strategically located near existing clusters of similar categorization.

Payment Clearance Requirements: In light of the impending balloting event, clients are urged to fulfill their payment obligations promptly. To facilitate a smooth process, it is advised that a minimum of 75% of the amount for Awami Block and 50% for Sports Valley Block be cleared by the stipulated deadline.

Blue world city Gernal Block -2


Blue World City remains steadfast in its commitment to fostering a vibrant and inclusive community. With Chairman Mr. Saad Nazi’s visionary leadership and the collective efforts of the management, residents can anticipate a seamless transition into the next phase of development. Let us unite in this exciting journey towards realizing the shared vision of a thriving Blue World City.

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