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Blue World City Islamabad File Transfer Offer

Blue World City Islamabad Considering the significance of the holy month of Ramadan, the management board of BWC, with joint consensus, has created convenience for its clients that during the month of Ramadan, the condition to pay the installments before transferring your file to the new owner has been waived off. So now if someone wants to transfer his file to the new owner, he has to pay the transfer fee of the file only and the process will be done.

This step is taken by the management board of Blue World City Islamabad because they have been getting applications and requests from its clients to waive off the condition of installments to transfer the file and provide us a chance to promote the old registration. So considering those requests, this opportunity has been given now to avail it for a short time till the end of the month of Ramadan. In this way, you can easily transfer your file to the new owner without any surcharge or by paying any additional fee. But if you pay 50% of your outstanding amount before transferring the ownership of your file, the whole surcharge will be waived off but only if your file ownership is transferred. Those who have delayed the installments and are not going to transfer their ownership, will not have any benefit of the surcharge waived off.

This is an exceptional gift for the clients of Blue World City Islamabad because it not only allows the transfer of ownership smoothly but also promotes the trading of old registrations in an authentic and legalized manner with the proper involvement of the senior management of BWC. So the clients who have been waiting for this opportunity need to avail of this on an immediate basis as it is only available till the sacred month of Ramadan ends.

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