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Blue World City Islamabad Sports Valley Block

Blue World City has just added another marvelous block in their societal addition called Sports Valley. As we all know very well that the Blue World City is the first planned and purposely built tourist society, the recent Sports Valley block is also going to be the most sophisticated block of the society.

The Sports Valley is going to be the most luxurious and fascinating block of society. The monumental identities around the world such as a cricket stadium, the Villagio Mall, and the Torch Tower of Qatar would be replicas built in the Sports Valley just like the Burj Al Arab Dubai is successfully built in the society. The concept of the Sports Valley is to promote tourism and provide a healthy lifestyle for those who want to enjoy a great healthy lifestyle available at their doorsteps. From Sports Stadiums to commercial and residential plots, the residents of the society are going to experience a great living in the Sports Valley. Moreover, society is providing the best possibilities to its locals to have a world-class lifestyle with all the great options which we have never seen before. It’s just a whole new world for the Pakistani citizen living locally and Obrad to have an opportunity to enjoy the amenities while living in the mixture of heritage and world-class architecture.

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Blue World City Sports Valley Payment Plan:

Blue World City Sports Valley has a variety of sizes and is suitable for luxury housing and living. The main sizes for the Blue World City Sports Valley residential have just been announced by the management which is mentioned below:

  • 05 Marla
  • 08 Marla
  • 10 Marla
  • 01 Kanal

These plots are just announced by the Society in July 2022. That is why as a trusted and authorized partner of the Blue World Housing Society, Gondal Group of Marketing recommends that the interested investors should seize this golden opportunity and start making investments in this splendid option given by the management of BWC.

  • 5 Marla:
    The plot size of 05 Marla of Sports Valley Block is introduced in the market by the society. The total cost of the 05 Marla plots given by the society is PKR 22,00,000 (cost of land) which has a booking price of PKR 150,000 in total with an easy 4-year installments plan and 40 Monthly Installments of PKR 23,750.
  • 8 Marla:
    The plot size of 08 Marla of Sports Valley Block is introduced in the market by the society. The total cost of the 08 Marla plots given by the society is PKR 33,80,000 (cost of land) which has a booking price of PKR 231,000 in total with an easy 4-year installments plan of 40 Monthly Installments of PKR 36,575.
  • 10 marla:
    The plot size of 10 Marla of Sports Valley Block is introduced in the market by the society. The total cost of the 10 Marla plots given by the society is PKR 41,25,000 (cost of land) which has a booking price of PKR 281,250 in total with an easy 4-year installments plan and 40 Monthly Installments of PKR 44,531.
  • 1 Kanal:
    The plot size of 01 Kanal of Sports Valley Block is introduced in the market by the society. The total cost of the 01 Kanal plots given by the society is PKR 7,700,000 (cost of land) which has a booking price of PKR 525,000 in total with an easy 4-year installments plan and 40 Monthly Installments of PKR 83,125.

Blue World City Sports Valley 5 Marla Payment Plan:

Blue World City Sports Valley 8 Marla Payment Plan:

Blue World City Sports Valley 10 Marla Payment Plan:

Blue World City Sports Valley 1 Kanal Payment Plan:

Sports Valley Block Location Map:

The location of Sports Valley in Blue World City is phenomenal. It is just next to the Overseas Block and has direct access from Defence Road. This iconic block is just an exceptional option near to the Capital of Pakistan and every single amenity, luxury and the options it is offering to the residents of the society and Islamabad are going to be the most unique and first ever experienced in the country.

Below mentioned are some of the key locations which are just a few minutes of drive away from Sports Valley Blue World City.

  • Rawalpindi Ring Road – 5 Minutes Drive Away
  • Islamabad – Lahore Motorway M2 – 5 Minutes Drive Away
  • CPEC Route – 5 Minutes Drive Away
  • New Islamabad International Airport – 20 Minutes Drive Away.

The locations of the Sports Valley is going to be a phenomenal spot making the geographical presence of the society more prominent and eye catching for the investors and spectators. It is going to be the exceptional place right beside the Overseas block and that is why it is the perfect place to invest and for the residents of overseas block, it is an additional cherry top of  the cake which the management of Blue World City has been serving.

Luxuries Offered BWC Sports Valley Torch Hotel:

This originator lodging, in a torch-shaped building in Doha, highlights a rotating eatery and all-encompassing see-out over the city. It incorporates a limitlessness pool, a wellbeing club, and a beauty parlor.

Featuring a disposition light framework with 12 distinctive colors, all housing at The Torch Hotel of Doha incorporates central air conditioning, a minimart, and a private lavatory. All are open and present-day in fashion and offer free Wi-Fi. Breakfast is served every
day at the Flying Carpet eatery with its chic décor, counting flying carpets.

For supper, visitors can appreciate Italian sorts of pasta and Mediterranean meats. The Burn is associated with a walkway to Villaggio, Doha’s biggest shopping center. Khalifa Stadium is 202 m away. Free private stopping is accessible at The Burn Doha. Couples in specific just like the area – they appraised it 9.0 for a two-person trip.

Blue World City Sports Valley is going to deliver the replica of Torch Hotel Qatar to its resident as well as a tourist attraction for the people of Islamabad and Pakistan.

BWC Sports Valley Villaggio Mall:

A shopping and amusement Middle, Villaggio shopping center sits inside Aspire Zone and contrasts the lively offerings in that with pure demand. From budget to extravagance, there are choices in abundance. Clothing to gems, fast nibbles to lackadaisical dinners, motion pictures, or topic parks, Villaggio could be a one-stop family (even though possibly not the wallet) friendly destination. The Mall is inconspicuously partitioned into two sections: one geared to cater to middle-class patrons which resembles an elegant shopping mall in the USA, and the exclusive side with high-end boutiques (Cavalli, Roles, Versace, Louis Vuitton, etc) Villaggio Shopping center, a Venetian-style-inspired shopping and excitement center is one of the foremost noteworthy, structurally talking, shopping centers within the Inlet.

The foremost particular include is the indoor canal and a few useful gondolas which take guests through the shopping center. Crossing the canals, bridges are flanked by unusual positions of royalty, all underneath the counterfeit sky of Villaggio: a genuinely picture-perfect spot.

Blue World City Sports Valley is going to deliver the replica of Villagio Mall Qatar to its residents as well as a tourist attraction for the people of Islamabad and Pakistan.

BWC Sports Valley Blue Mosque:

Blue Mosque of Istanbul is an Ottoman-era authentic majestic mosque situated in Istanbul, Turkey. A working mosque, it moreover pulls in expansive numbers of traveler guests. It was built between 1609 and 1616 amid the run the show of Ahmed I. Its basic plan contains Ahmed’s tomb, a madrasah, and a hospice. Hand-painted blue tiles embellish the mosque’s insides dividers, and at night the mosque is washed in blue as lights outline the mosque’s five fundamental arches, six minarets, and eight auxiliary arches. It sits next to the Hagia Sophia, the vital mosque of Istanbul until the Blue Mosque’s development and another prevalent traveler location.

The Blue Mosque was included in the UNESCO World Legacy Location list in 1985 under the title of “Notable Ranges of Istanbul”. The most important element in the interior of the mosque is the mihrab, which is made of finely carved and sculptured marble, with a stalactite niche and a double inscriptive panel above it. It is surrounded by many windows. The adjacent walls are sheathed in ceramic tiles.

The Blue World City first proposed its Blue Mosque construction site to be near the Water Theme Park but now it is changed and included in the plan of Sports Valley Block which is already going to deliver other magnificent marvels.

BWC Sports Valley Cricket Stadium:

Cricket has been an established group sport for hundreds of years and is one of the foremost well known sports within the world. It started in Britain and is presently exceptionally popular in nations such as India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Australia, the West Indies and South Africa. Cricket includes sprinting between wickets and running to halt balls, as well as bowling and throwing. Health benefits include: Endurance and stamina Balance and coordination Physical fitness Improving hand-eye coordination. 

Blue World City is going to build the largest Cricket Stadium in its Sports Valley with a PKR of more than 9000,000,000. The map of the Cricket Stadium known as Qatar Cricket Stadium in the Sports Valley has also been revealed by the management of the Society and it is going to be a great option for the locals as well as International tourists, spectators, and national and International cricket teams. The designers claim to form Pakistan’s biggest cricket stadium in this housing wander. Besides, this captivating perspective will be accessible for the inhabitants and the country’s citizens. Furthermore, the residents’ living involvement will become blissful and luxurious for all prospective residents. Lastly, we know that cricket is a sport everybody within the nation cherishes. Subsequently, the investment here yields high-quality living standards.

BWC Sports Valley Hockey Field:

Hockey is one of the most well-known sports in the world. Numerous energetic fans over the globe respect the game. Over the years, numerous hockey teams from different nations around the world have been participating in the Olympics and competitions. It’s verifiable to confess that hockey is one of the most wonderful sports.

Something almost it is so captivating, taking off any onlooker in amazement and cherishes with its fast-paced and by and large gutty fashion. Many countries have hockey stadiums, but don’t have great offices and got the chance to have competitions.

The cutting-edge hockey stadiums have all the civilities counting appropriate sections, dressing rooms, restrooms, cafeteria, high-end courts, etc. At the elite level of play, the desire for fast, predictable, and consistent surfaces has resulted in the development of surfaces that perform at their optimum when wet.

Blue World City Sports Valley is going to deliver the State-of-the-art Hockey Stadium to its residents, and the local and national teams as not only a great tourist attraction for the people of Islamabad but as a picture to promote a healthy lifestyle and sports facility for the locals.

BWC Sports Valley Open Air Gymnasiums:

Open air exercise centers are playing an imperative part in getting individuals to extend their workout and combat today’s stationary way of life. With record levels of weight shown among children particularly, the presentation of open-air wellness gear presents a fun way to induce families active.

A differing open-air amusement framework contributes to community capital by giving a tall quality of life for residents. With increasing urbanization, communities are ceaselessly looking for better approaches to supply open-air spaces and activities to inhabitants, and open-air workout is one perfect choice. Combining open-air workouts, characteristic light and tangible incitement include a “salutogenic” impact: lessening push and empowering solid behaviors.

Working out outside gives all the physical benefits of an indoor workout (bloodstream, moved forward cardiovascular wellbeing made strides in quality, adaptability, continuance, etc.) and can moreover give an imperative presentation to daylight that increments imperative levels of vitamin D, not at all like indoor exercises. Sports Valley is hereby going to give you exceptional options of open air gymnasiums.

BWC Sports Valley Commercial Hubs:

One of the best benefits of living close to a commercial center is simply can easily access the foundations you wish. On the off chance that you wish to buy something for your domestic or individual utilize, there would be retail stores nearby. Perhaps
you need to require a break from home-cooked nourishment or a fair need to eat out and bond together with your cherished ones? There would be diverse sorts of eateries adjacent to fulfill your every longing. Got to purchase something amid the small hours of the night? 24/7 comfort stores would cater to you as well. The larger part of commercial regions are well supplied with an cluster of shops. 

From hair stylists and excellence parlors to basic supply stores, stationery stores, and drug stores, there’s a part that can be found in a commercial zone close a residential settlement. So, you are doing not got to go distant to induce the foremost alluring offices. Whether you need to work out at a exercise center or need a spa day, there will be loads of choices accessible after you are living near to a commercial center.

BWC Sports Valley Recreational Parks:

Community parks serve huge geographic regions, like a city instead of a neighborhood. They serve a broader reason and oblige a wide extent of amusement needs based on the encompassing community. Community parks are implied to have numerous exercises and comforts to keep guests of all ages active and locked in for a complete day.

These parks may have nature trails, swimming pools, sprinkle cushions, ball courts, tennis centers, volleyball courts, topical play areas, and more highlights. Community parks too commonly include excursion zones and structures and other extra offices like lavatories, stopping, indoor entertainment space, occasion space, and on-site stop attendants.

There will be recreational parks within the community that will offer assistance the inhabitants make a every day schedule and propensity of work out. Besides, the investors will have a blissful and closer to natural living encounter in the community. Hence, the investment here will offer assistance accomplish fitness-friendly and high-end living objectives.

The Booking Procedure

Below mentioned documents are needed when you want to book a plot in Blue World City Sports Valley Block:

  • Copies of buyer’s National ID Card (02)
  • Copy of National ID Card of buyer’s next to Kin (02)
  • Passport extent photo (01)
  • Booking payment (Cheque/ Pay order/Cash)
  • Two copies of overseas national ID card for an overseas client

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