Blue World City Islamabad

Blue World City Islamabad, is the new trendsetting housing society that has everything to offer you within its walls. The Blue World City project commenced providing an elite way of living at very reasonable prices to the individuals of Pakistan together with the Pakistanis living overseas. The scheme also strives to encourage tourism by designating state-of-the-art tourist destinations, including Burj Al Arab, Blue Mosque, Rumi Square, Horse Mascots (the world’s tallest), and Water Theme Park. With all these benefits available in a safe and unassailable gated district and with a hilltop 5-star hotel, Blue World City is the next haven for regional and global tourists. With the introduction of the Blue World Economic Zone in the project, it becomes a supreme place for local and multinational traders to operate their businesses, sitting next to the CPEC route.

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Blue World City is proud to unveil its latest offering: commercial plots available on easy installments and irresistible pre-launch prices. With a vision to redefine convenience and luxury, we present two categories of commercial plots: 4 Marla and 7 Marla, designed to suit diverse business needs.

Blue worl dcity Business district commercial plots

Pre-Launch Pricing:

  • 4 Marla Commercial Plots:
    • Total Price: Initially valued at 4 crore, these plots are now available at an exclusive pre-launch rate of 2 crore.
  • 8 Marla Commercial Plots:
    • Total Price: Originally priced at 7.9 crore, take advantage of the pre-launch offer at just 3.9 crore.

Limited Opportunity:

Hurry! This exclusive offer is limited to the first 50 units on a first-come, first-served basis. Don’t miss your chance to secure prime commercial real estate at unbeatable rates.

Blue world city General Block Phase -2

Blue World City Islamabad has recently launched its newest block, the General Block Phase 2.

The General Block Phase 2 offers a range of residential plots, including 5 Marla, 8 Marla, 10 Marla, 1 Kanal, and 2 Kanal, to meet the varying needs and budgets of its residents. The plots are strategically located within the society to provide easy access to all the modern amenities and facilities that Blue World City has to offer.

The General Block Phase 2 is designed to cater to the needs of modern living, with all the necessary infrastructure and facilities in place. The society features a state-of-the-art security system, with CCTV cameras and a team of security personnel on duty 24/7 to ensure the safety of its residents. The roads within the society are wide and well-lit, providing easy access to all the major attractions within the community.

Blue World City Islamabad is also known for its commitment to environmental sustainability. The society is equipped with modern waste management systems, and green spaces and parks are scattered throughout the community to promote a healthy and active lifestyle. The General Block Phase 2 is no exception, with lush green parks and open spaces providing a serene and tranquil environment for its residents.

General Block Phase-2 Payment Plan:

Blue world city Gernal block Phase -2

Blue World City Sports Valley:​

Blue World City has just added another marvelous block in their societal addition called Sports Valley. As we all know very well that the Blue World City is the first planned and purposely built tourist society, the recent Sports Valley block is also going to be the most sophisticated block of the society.

The Sports Valley Block is going to be the most luxurious and fascinating block of society. The monumental identities around the world such as a cricket stadium, the Villagio Mall, and the Torch Tower of Qatar would be replicas built in the Sports Valley just like the Burj Al Arab Dubai is successfully built in the society. The concept of the Sports Valley is to promote tourism and provide a healthy lifestyle for those who want to enjoy a great healthy lifestyle available at their doorsteps. From Sports Stadiums to commercial and residential plots, the residents of the society are going to experience a great living in the Sports Valley. Moreover, society is providing the best possibilities to its locals to have a world-class lifestyle with all the great options which we have never seen before. It’s just a whole new world for the Pakistani citizen living locally and Obrad to have an opportunity to enjoy the amenities while living in the mixture of heritage and world-class architecture.

Updated Paymnet Plan:

sports valley paymnet plan

Blue World City Sports Valley Payment Plan:

Blue World City Sports Valley has a variety of sizes and is suitable for luxury housing and living. The main sizes for the Blue World City Sports Valley residential have just been announced by the management which is mentioned below:

  • 05 Marla
  • 08 Marla
  • 10 Marla
  • 01 Kanal

These plots are just announced by the Society in July 2022. That is why as a trusted and authorized partner of the Blue World Housing Society, Gondal Group of Marketing recommends that the interested investors should seize this golden opportunity and start making investments in this splendid option given by the management of BWC.

  • 5 Marla:
    The plot size of 05 Marla of Sports Valley Block is introduced in the market by the society. The total cost of the 05 Marla plots given by the society is PKR 22,00,000 (cost of land) which has a booking price of PKR 150,000 in total with an easy 4-year installments plan and 40 Monthly Installments of PKR 26,125
  • 8 Marla:
    The plot size of 08 Marla of Sports Valley Block is introduced in the market by the society. The total cost of the 08 Marla plots given by the society is PKR 33,80,000 (cost of land) which has a booking price of PKR 231,000 in total with an easy 4-year installments plan of 40 Monthly Installments of PKR 40,233.
  • 10 Marla:
    The plot size of 10 Marla of Sports Valley Block is introduced in the market by the society. The total cost of the 10 Marla plots given by the society is PKR 41,25,000 (cost of land) which has a booking price of PKR 281,250 in total with an easy 4-year installments plan and 40 Monthly Installments of PKR 48,984.
  • 1 Kanal:
    The plot size of 01 Kanal of Sports Valley Block is introduced in the market by the society. The total cost of the 01 Kanal plots given by the society is PKR 7,700,000 (cost of land) which has a booking price of PKR 525,000 in total with an easy 4-year installments plan and 40 Monthly Installments of PKR 91,438.

Old Payment Plan:

Blue World City Sports Valley 5 Marla Payment Plan:

Blue World City Sports Valley 8 Marla Payment Plan:

Blue World City Sports Valley 10 Marla Payment Plan:

Blue World City Sports Valley 1 Kanal Payment Plan:

Sports Valley Block Location Map:

The location of Sports Valley in Blue World City is phenomenal. It is just next to the Overseas Block and has direct access from Defence Road. This iconic block is just an exceptional option near to the Capital of Pakistan and every single amenity, luxury and the options it is offering to the residents of the society and Islamabad are going to be the most unique and first ever experienced in the country.

Below mentioned are some of the key locations which are just a few minutes of drive away from Sports Valley Blue World City.

  • Rawalpindi Ring Road – 5 Minutes Drive Away
  • Islamabad – Lahore Motorway M2 – 5 Minutes Drive Away
  • CPEC Route – 5 Minutes Drive Away
  • New Islamabad International Airport – 20 Minutes Drive Away.

The locations of the Sports Valley is going to be a phenomenal spot making the geographical presence of the society more prominent and eye catching for the investors and spectators. It is going to be the exceptional place right beside the Overseas block and that is why it is the perfect place to invest and for the residents of overseas block, it is an additional cherry top of  the cake which the management of Blue World City has been serving.

Blue World City Waterfront District:

Blue World City Islamabad is a promising community with a combination of serenity, luxury, beauty and splash entertainment. Blue World City Waterfront Block is another major project undertaken by Blue Group of Companies in the capital. The Waterfront region provides the world-class best residential and commercial sites with a quiet environment and advanced technology. The cherry on top, Water Front District is the main area of the community itself as it is located on 2 to 4 Kms from the entrance of the Blue World City’s Gate.

Blue World City Waterfront Block Payment Plan:​

Blue World City Waterfront District is a pearl over the Crown of this enormous venture of Blue World City Islamabad. After the victory and an incredible number of investments within the other blocks of BWC Islamabad, the developers are immediately getting to dispatch the Waterfront District Block which highlights extravagance, style, and affordability.

It is the best time to invest in Waterfront Block. This is because the block is in the early District of development and the plots are available at relatively low prices.

The block provides a simple 4-year installment plan that includes 40 monthly installments for the benefit of its investors. Booking starts with a 10% down. payment.

The block is created by the Blue Group of Companies (BGC) in collaboration with the eminent Shan Jian Municipal Engineering Company. The Waterfront District of the BWC is found before Stages 5 and 6 of the BWC Overseas Block right in front of the main gate of Blue World City.

By offering this marvelous Block, Blue World City Islamabad offers you golden investment openings and state-of-the-art offices. As per the sources, the Block is getting to offer cost-effective residential plots of 6 Marla, 12 Marla, and 18 Marla. So, the chance that you need to put a safe and secure investment, is one of the biggest options for you. The Waterfront Block of Blue World City is the biggest exceptional option to invest right now.

Blue World City Waterfront Block Plots:

Additional Information about Blue World City Waterfront Block:
Blue World Waterfront Block sites have a variety of sizes and areas suitable for the luxury housing system. The main sizes for the Blue World City Waterfront Block are:

  • 06 Marla
  • 12 Marla
  • 18 Marla

These plots are to be booked and delivered on a first-come-first-served option. Therefore, Gondal Group Of Marketing recommends that the interested investors should seize this golden opportunity and start making investments in this splendid option given by the management of BWC.

The plot size of 06 Marla is introduced in the market by society. The total cost of the 06 Marla plots given by the society is PKR 21,00,000 (cost of land) which has a booking price of around PKR 175,000 in total with an easy 4-year installments plan.

The plot size of 12 Marla is introduced in the market by the society. The total cost of the 12 Marla plots given by the society is PKR 37,80,000 (cost of land) which has a booking price of around PKR 315,000 in total with an easy 4-year installments plan.

waterfront District Payment plan:

Payment Plan for plots in Blue World City Waterfront Block:

The plot size of 18 Marla is introduced in the market by the society. The total cost of the 18 Marla plots given by the society is PKR 50,40,000 (cost of land) which has a booking price of around PKR 420,000 in total with an easy 4-year installments plan.

The plot size of 05 Marla Commercial is introduced in the market by the society. The total cost of the 05 Marla Commercial plots given by the society is PKR 96,00,000 (cost of land) which has a booking price of around PKR 800,000 in total with an easy 4-year installments plan.

So you can see that Waterfront is easily available for everyone interested.

Blue World City Waterfront District Block Discount Offer:

Blue World City Waterfront Block is a serene and vibrant place to live. Check out the Blue World City Waterfront plots, now available at a discount! These options are perfect for those who want to live close to nature, with stunning views of the river and easy access to all the amenities of the city.

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Plot Size:-

  • 6 Marla
  • 12 Marla
  • 18 Marla 

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If we talk about the discount offer in Blue World City Waterfront District, it is just for a limited time. Following are the details of the discount offered in the WaterFront District.

Waterfront District Discount Payment Plan:

BWC Waterfront District Discount payment plan, Discount payment Plan

After paying the down payment of each size you selected, the following amount will be adjusted in your ledger as a discount offered by the society. With 06 Marla down payment, you have to pay 120,000 PKR and your ledger would be adjusted with 169,000 which means you will get the discount of PKR 49,000. Waterfront District Discount Payment Plan: Waterfront District Discount Payment Plan With 12 Marla down payment, you have to pay 200,000 PKR and your ledger would be adjusted with 303,000 which means you will get the discount of PKR 103,000. With 18 Marla down payment, you have to pay 250,000 PKR and your ledger would be adjusted with 402,000 which means you will get the discount of PKR 152,000.

Blue Hills Country Farms

Having a farmhouse is like having an escape valley where one can snap off from his daily life and hop in the comfortable quilt on the cloudy bed in his farmhouse! Blue World City brings the chance to buy lavishing farmhouse at an affordable budget.

The farmhouses are located in the most peaceful alley of the society surrounded by natural beauty and serene water stream flowing near by.

Mr. Saad Nazir the proprietor has brought this fascinating luxurious residential block for those who dream to live a regal life in a palace-like place. The country farms are advertised with a very adaptable 4-year installment plan. This makes it an idealized farmland luxurious lifestyle.

The farms have coordinated access from Chaki Road and M-2 Islamabad-Lahore Motorway. The area culminates to live a life absent from the hustle of the active urban environment. Modern Islamabad International Air terminal is additionally fair a couple of minutes away from this RDA affirmed Blue Hills Country Farms.

A wide extent of cultivation sizes is accessible for deal. The Blue Hills Country Farms Islamabad plot sizes are 4 Kanal, 8 Kanal, 12 Kanal, and 16 Kanal.

Blue World City Payment Plans:

Overseas Block Price Plan:


General Block Price Plan:


BWC Commercial Payment Plan Overseas Block:

BWC Commercial Payment Plan School Avenue:

BWC Boulevard (North) Commercial Payment Plan:

BWC Business Square Commercial Payment Plan:

BWC Waterfront Block Commercial Payment Plan:

Payment Plan for plots in Blue World City Waterfront Block:

BWC General Block Commercial Payment Plan:

What Is Blue World City:

It is a housing scheme launched under the name of Blue World City. It is near the Rawalpindi ring road. The project offers easy installment plans and affordable prices to own plots within a short time span.

Blue World City is considered one of the top-most luxurious housing societies introduced just on the M2 Motorway Islamabad. The housing scheme is made by the Blue Group of Companies (BGC) with the famous in collaboration with international architects and is going to be the first purposely built tourism city in Pakistan.

About Blue Group Of Companies:

The Blue Group of Companies was set up in Lahore in 1989. In the beginning, the group was famous as a service provider in the fields of architectural design and construction. They made their name from the beginning by providing quality services within a short period of time.

The Blue Group of Companies was before long able to procure a sound reputation for being a dependable and proficient organisation by getting the consideration of clients and trustworthy financial specialists within the showcase. Presently, the company positions among the best 5 real estate development companies in the country with worldwide recognition. Since then, the company has strived to be a one-stop arrangement for different administrations that incorporate real estate development, marketing, engineering plans, construction and development projects, information technology assistance, and commercial printing.

In addition to these administrations, the company began retail commerce. It too claims an assortment of comfort retail stores and clothing brands. The Blue Group of Companies has utilized over 300 dedicated experts taking out their duties in totally different capacities, taking the passion and vision of the company to the next level and becoming one of the most differentiated enterprises in Pakistan.

It was established in 1989 in Lahore. The company offered a great deal of services and succeeded in winning people’s hearts and trust with its honest, creative, and hard work.

Today, it has over 300 professionals working in different departments. The Blue Group of Companies owns a number of businesses that include the mentioned companies:

Blue Bricks, Blue Properties, Blue Palms, Blue Technologies, WPZBlue Media, Mart Blue, Brands Square, Artimmix

The success of the Blue Group of Companies

PIA Cooperative Society, Center Park Lahore, Blue Sapphire, Blue Mart, and Blue Technologies All of these projects were big hits for Saad Nazir.

Salient Features Of Blue World City:

  • International development and architecture
  • State Of The Art Designs And Architectures Are Used In The Development Of The Blue World City.
  • Affordable budgets
  • The mission is to raise the middle-class living standards to a degree of luxury and for that purpose, the project planning includes affordable budgets for an average earning person in Pakistan.
  • Since the project initiation is in collaboration with the Chinese, another major purpose is to provide the Chinese CPEC workers with accommodation.
  • Everything is built and planned according to international standards
  • Chinese development technology is used in making the levels meet on international lifestyle grounds.
  • Envisions to improve Pakistani living standards
  • As mentioned earlier, the Blue World City aims to improve the Pakistani middle-class living standards to international levels on affordable budgets.

Water, Gas & Electricity:

Blue World City Islamabad is orchestrated in a decently distant spot and for such a long time this region has been disregarded from the affiliations of control, gas, and water are rarely conceded. In spite of the truth that it was a difficult task, society has been working relentlessly on and on to empower the investors and clients and outfit them with the necessities of life.

For that, they have been provided the electricity and water supply in every block and each sector has its own overhead water tank to fulfill the requirement of the society. The provision of gas will also be done in the near future as the required legal procedures have been fulfilled.

Replica Of Blue Mosque At Turkey:

Blue Mosque in Istanbul, Turkey is a wonder of old-style engineering worked between the years 1609 by Muslim originators and designers who have roused the organizers of the Blue World City to manufacture a replica of this stupendous mosque near General Block to reestablish Islamic qualities and culture in Pakistan. After the Faisal Mosque, the copy of the Blue Mosque will turn into a milestone and will draw in guests to this area. The mosque will really speak to and add value to the name.

Commercial Hubs, Schools & Colleges:

The general public will demonstrate to get one of the greatest business center point in the district with CPEC course in its closeness, the business openings are perpetual. The end-all strategy of this dynamite society has been planned including cutting edge, present day business roads and elevated requirement instructive offices in all the areas of the general public for the availability of individuals.

The Biggest Water Theme Park In Pakistan:

Park which will incorporate fun water rides, slides, wave pools, volcanic cascade, exceptionally planned water pools for underage kids and water surfing. The general public has intended to assemble the greatest and Pakistan’s first International water subject.

Gated Community: Blue World City will be a vigorously protected and gated network. Unapproved individuals will be restricted in the general public. A safe limit divider will encompass the general public to add a layer of security. Extra highlights, for example, face acknowledgment and key cards will be consolidated in the general public to stay away from undesirable guests and incidents in the general public.

24/7 Security: Blue World City takes the security of its occupants and guests truly, an uncommonly prepared security group will screen and guarantee the wellbeing of its inhabitants day in and day out. CCTV cameras will be introduced all through the general public to manufacture a safe climate in the lodging society so you can appreciate a lavish pressure climate.

Sector And Jamia Mosques: Each area of society will have uniquely planned area mosques for the occupants of every area so they can supplicate easily and satisfy their strict commitments with no issue or significant voyaging. To oblige individuals for the more Jummah petitions, Jamia Mosques will be worked all through the general public for the accommodation of the tenants and guests of the general public.

A Wide Network Of Carpeted Roads: The general public has just started chipping away at the foundation and the first of that progression is to construct a wide organization of covered streets in the general public to interface all pieces of the general public. These streets are proposed to be 40, 60, 80, 100 and 120 feet wide separately and will likewise have solid pathways and walkways for the people on foot and cyclists. The private society has a broad arrangement of wide carpeted streets. These streets are exceedingly utilitarian and interface private society through all the major courses. Most streets will be more than 80 feet long, and all lanes will be at least 40 feet wide.

Public Transport: The general public will have an access to the society’s given public vehicle framework to make the transport and access to the public arena simpler for the inhabitants just as any individual who is visiting the city.

Electric Power Plant: To make society a load shedding-free zone, the authorities have proposed introducing their own electricity plant to provide electricity to society. With society’s own one-of-a-kind developing plant, the accessibility of electricity to the public will guarantee a more proficient and profitable network.

Underground Electricity: In spite of the fact that the idea of underground power isn’t new and all the most current lodging plans are choosing it, it has become a fundamental redesign for the benefit of the network. Not just this progression will acquire an improvement the excellence and rich arrangement of the power distribution, it will likewise be much more secure and diminish the odds of any accidents. To create the society a load-shedding free zone, the authorities have proposed the thought of introducing an electric control plant in society. With society’s exceptionally claim control plant the accessibility of power within the society will guarantee a more proficient and profitable community.

Sports And Cultural Complex: Multifunctional sports and social complex will be implicit Blue World City to engage and advance variety of societies and advance extra-curricular exercises in the general public.

Sewerage Treatment Plant: Condition of workmanship sewerage treatment plants will be introduced in the general public to guarantee a clean and eco-accommodating garbage removal framework in the general public.

Water Filtration Plant: Blue world city will be an independent and feasible society and one of the most conspicuous highlights of a free lodging society is to have the option to furnish its occupants with clean water. Establishment of an imaginative water filtration plant will guarantee the gracefully of clean water wherever in the public eye and will improve the everyday environments in the area.

Oxygen Park And Lake: The Oxygen Park and lakes in Blue World City will add to the excellence of the citizens and the allure of society. These metropolitan green spaces are fundamental to make a positive effect on wellbeing, making social associations, and helping the climate.

3D I-Max Cinema: Films have become a significant methods for diversion and recreation in the lives of individuals in any network. Blue World City will acquaint 3D I-max films with bring the most cutting edge innovation and diversion to its kin.

Adventure Club: The general public will have an undertaking club to unite the network and make social associations in the public eye. This club will organize an assortment of brave exercises for the joy of its individuals including horseback riding, soil bicycle riding, paragliding, dropping, climbing, and so forth.

Safari Zoo: One more striking element in the general public will be its Safari Zoo, with a protected drive through a way in the midst of in the general public with wild creatures meandering uninhibitedly won’t be just energizing however will give an exceptional encounter to the guests. The zoo will contain a wide range of types of creatures and fowls imported from all around the globe. Blue Wordl City Safawri Zoo, Blue World City Zoo, Blue World City Safawri Zoo Images, Blue World City Safari Zoo Photo

Water Pools And Spa Clubs: Another extravagance that will be appreciated by the tenants of this general public will be its warm and freshwater pools and spa club. These brilliant spas and pools will permit the individuals to appreciate an assortment of loosening up medicines just as helpful meetings.

Police Station: Blue World City will likewise have a completely practical and responsive police headquarters in its environmental factors to help with any criminal experiences and criminal behavior in the general public.

Hospital: Wellbeing is the main worry in any network, a completely operational Hospital is planned as a huge portion of the all-inclusive strategy of Blue World City. This cutting-edge new Hospital will be furnished with the most recent innovation and hardware to encourage the patients and to manage any crisis circumstance in the general public. Blue World City highlights a full-service healthcare office comprising a broad extent of therapeutic specialties, progressed demonstrative innovation, and extraordinary administrations. The clinic will give amazing administration to the inhabitants of Blue World City and the individuals living within the encompassing ranges. Our Hospitals’ engineering makes a normal supporting and mending environment in an idealized setting to supply personal care to the patients with the foremost progressed healthcare services.

Where Is Blue World City Located

The Blue world city is located on the main Chakri road near the Chakri interchange at Lahore-Islamabad motorway M2. The best part about its exact location is that it is not so far away from Islamabad and Rawalpindi. So anyone investing or buying land there will be at a hop in to all the surrounding cities.

Suburban Landmarks Of The Blue World City

The hit project of housing schemes, Capital Smart Cityis near Blue world city along with many other well-known housing societies such as Mumtaz CityKhaniyal HomesStar Argo FarmsTop City, and University Town. This makes Blue World City a prime location to start a dream life.

Blue World City Master Plan

The entrance from Islamabad is through Lahore-Islamabad motorway M2 directly to Chakri road. After the project completion, the ring road will also allow access to Chakri road cutting the travel time short for travelers coming from Rawalpindi areas like DHA, and Bahria enclave.

The Master Strategy

The wide and well constructed network of carpeted roads lay throughout the society premises connecting it completely with the areas all around. The roads measurements will he as follows:

  • Main boulevard: 120ft wide
  • Main roads: more than 180ft wide
  • Streets: 40ft wide


The total area that Blue World City covers are approximately 125000 Kanals which is planned to be divided into four main phases and then further into blocks and plots. The housing scheme is offering:

  • Residential plots starting from 5 marlas to 2 kanals (5, 8, 10 marlas, 1 and 2 kanals)
  • Residential farmhouses of 4 and 8 kanals.
  • Commercial plots of 5 and 8 marlas.

The housing authority is offering installment plans that vary from 4 years. The booking can be done by 10% down payment which is as low as 80,000 rupees.

Blue World City NOC Approved By District Council RWP:

The project Blue World City was initially launched in 2018 and the management of Blue World City initially took the NOC of 1534 Kanal from the District Council. Afterwards, the management of the Blue World City started the acquisition of more land which took their overall land to approximately above 125,000 Kanals. Then after the acquisition of land, the Society again applied for the new NOC of further purchased land for the development. However the development in the society is already in full swing on 30,000 Kanals of land at the moment and anybody can see the progressive work of the society anytime.

Those projects which have been approved with the NOC possess more increased possibilities of funding by the investors. Societies that have legal status with approved NOCs for the development and have proper documentation for their clients to prove their authentication are always preferred by the public as they provide investment security. The administration of Blue World City Islamabad has submitted all the relevant documentation, and it is expecting that the society will soon be approved by the District Council.


The Overseas Block In Blue World City:

It is a specially designed landmark within the society for overseas Pakistani residents to provide them with the perfection of a luxurious lifestyle at the best of their expectations. The number of commercial plots is quantified to a small limit hence only those can avail who will come first.

The uniqueness of the Blue World City Overseas Block is its international standard facilities that overseas Pakistanis usually demand. The overseas block consists of a limited number of commercial plots:

Residential Plots:

  • 7 Marla
  • 10 Marla
  • 14 Marla
  • 1 Kanal
  • 2 Kanal

Commercial Plots:

  • 7 Marla
  • 10 Marlas

Blue World City Awami Complex:

It is the latest addition to the Blue World City family. The society now comprises of independent and duplex units with all the basic facilities and necessities to make its residents’ lives luxurious and remarkable. The complex building consists of five stories. The first three floors are dedicated to duplex villas whereas the rest of the top floors are for apartments.

Awami Complex Residential Apartments

  • 375 Sq. Ft. 1 Bed Studio Apartment
  • 550 Sq. Ft. 1 Bed Family Apartment
  • 830 Sq. Ft. 2 Bed Family Apartment

Awami Complex: Duplex Villas

  • 675 Sq. Ft. Ground Floor Villa
  • 675 Sq. Ft. First Floor Villa
  • 675 Sq. Ft. Second Floor Villa

The Pak-China Friendly City

This mega housing society project is not just an investment point but is a mission to accomplish progressive friendly relations with the Chinese. The Blue World City management authority signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with Shan Jian municipal engineering company, which is a leading development and investment organization in China. The Pak China friendly city is supposed to have:

  • Chinese and Pakistani development, progress, and architecture
  • Pak-China investment
  • CPEC route proximity
  • Residency of Chinese citizens and workers

Why Choose Blue World City To Invest

The purpose of this mission is to change the perception of low class living standards in Pakistan. It is a great chance for all those who want to have a luxurious lifestyle and a dream home but do not have a big budget to invest. This project promises the best of lifestyle and living standards in reasonable and affordable investments.

Here are some valid reasons for you to choose Blue World City:

  • Affordable budgets and investments
  • Easy installment plans
  • Up to the mark facilities, and services
  • A family community
  • Luxurious lifestyle
  • State of the are technology
  • The right time to invest and get a maximum return

Blue World City First Ballot Map

Blue World City First Ballot Map

The Booking Procedure

In order to book a land in Blue World City, visit the office with the following documents:

  • Two passport size pictures
  • Two copies of NIC
  • Two copies of any kin’s NIC
  • Two copies of overseas national ID card for an overseas Pakistani

Plot Possession

The possession of plots will take a period of a minimum of 4 years for those who are paying on installments in Blue World City The possession of land also depends on the development time span of the society which may further depend on other factors such as the time of issuance of permission from NOC, completing the installments of the plot, or other natural causes. However, possession is guaranteed within a small timeframe.


  • It is a real estate housing scheme project where one can buy and invest in land. It is located on the main Chakri Road, Rawalpindi.
  • It is approved by the District Council, however, the NOC approval is under process and will be granted to the Blue World City soon. Hence, the Blue World City is not illegal, it is a guaranteed legal housing society.
  • The work has started. The given time of development is 3 to 4 years.
  • The project offers installment plans for all categories of land. The plan varies from 2 to 4 years.


To conclude, the Blue World City is not just a project. It is a dream. A dream of every individual who is struggling to build an asset and have a life of comfort. It is a dream for every individual who visions having a name. An identity. It is a mission of making low-class living standards into international standards on a limited budget. It is affordable and convenient for the clients to buy and invest.

The other main factor of the project is the establishment of strong ties between Pakistani and Chinese residents. The accommodation for the Chinese is made to the international standards to meet their level of expectations in Pakistan and improve the Pakistani living culture.

It is the best time to invest and expect a full return as the housing society is in the developing phase. Undoubtedly, Blue World City is the next milestone for Pakistan in the world of real estate.

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