CDA commercial Plot 8 Billion

the CDA sold commercial plots for over Rs. 8 billion, In just 2 days


The Capital Development Authority (CDA) continues its successful commercial plot auction in Islamabad, generating significant interest and high-value sales. The auction, now on its second consecutive day, has seen remarkable results, with notable transactions taking place. One such transaction involved the sale of the highly sought-after Sector H-9 Petrol Pump Plot, fetching a staggering price of over Rs 3 billion. This news has been reported by a reliable news source.

The auction commenced on a promising note, as five plots were successfully sold on the first day, amassing a total revenue of Rs 4 billion 75 rupees. This early success has set the stage for further achievements, as the auction progresses. To date, six plots have been auctioned, accumulating a total of Rs 8 billion 10 crore rupees in revenue. This outstanding performance highlights the immense potential and attractiveness of investing in plots in Islamabad.

The overwhelming response from investors at the auction reflects a growing interest in commercial plots within the capital city. Recognizing this demand, the CDA has provided a wide range of commercial plot categories, offering potential buyers a diverse array of investment opportunities. This approach ensures that interested parties can explore various options and select the most suitable plot for their investment goals.

The ongoing auction represents a golden opportunity for individuals wishing to invest in commercial plots in Islamabad. With the bidding expected to continue until the end of May, prospective buyers still have time to participate in this lucrative event. The CDA encourages interested individuals to take advantage of this favorable market situation and capitalize on the potential returns offered by investing in Islamabad’s commercial plots.

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