In a significant legal development, a court has issued orders to seal over 70 bank accounts, 500 kanals of land, and the corporate offices belonging to Malik Riaz and his son. These actions are a result of serious allegations against them, causing a ripple effect across Bahria Town and impacting its investors.

Impact on Bahria Market:

The news has sent shockwaves through the Bahria Town Market, leading to a downturn in investment activities. Investors are in a state of panic, especially those who have invested significantly in Bahria Town. The real estate market is experiencing a lull, with many adopting a cautious approach.

Bahria town Civic center

Investor Concerns:

Amidst the turmoil, investors who have purchased plots and are awaiting possession are the most vulnerable. The value of both residential and commercial plots has witnessed a decline following the National Accountability Bureau’s (NAB) case against Malik Riaz. The uncertainty surrounding the situation has created an atmosphere of fear and hesitation among potential buyers.


Silver Lining – General Elections:

While the real estate market faces challenges, the upcoming General Elections add an additional layer of anticipation. The outcome of the elections holds the potential to reshape the political landscape, with people eagerly awaiting the results to see who will assume control of the government.

Election Commession Of Pakistan


In conclusion, the recent legal actions against Malik Riaz have significantly impacted Bahria Town’s real estate market. Investors are grappling with uncertainties, and the value of properties has seen a decline. The intersection of legal developments and political events makes for a complex environment, leaving many stakeholders on edge as they navigate through these challenging times.

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