Recently, the management of New Metro City Gujjar Khan issued a crucial notification regarding the payment of development charges. It is essential for all customers who have booked plots on installments to take note of this important update.

Notification Details:

In a recent announcement, the management has disclosed that customers who have opted for installment plans must fulfill the payment of development charges or surcharge. The deadline for these charges is approaching swiftly, with the last date set for January 25, 2024. It’s crucial to adhere to this timeline, as failure to do so may result in the cancellation of your plot’s registration.

Understandably, the recent imposition of development charges has sparked concern within the New Metro City community. Many customers and dealer agents have expressed their reservations about the high charges. In response, a collective effort has been made, with numerous individuals recording a video strike against the management of New Metro City Gujjar Khan.

New Metro City Gujjar Khan Development Notification

Call for Reduction of Development charges

The New Metro City community is united in its request for the management to reconsider and reduce the development charges. The current charges are perceived as exceptionally high, and the community believes that a more reasonable and balanced approach would benefit both the management and the valued customers.

New metro city Gujjar Khan Development Strike

As the deadline for the development charges looms, it is essential for all concerned parties to stay informed and act accordingly. We encourage an open dialogue between the management and the community to address these concerns and find a mutually beneficial solution. Your understanding and cooperation in this matter are highly appreciated.

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