Faisal Hills D Block - Payment Plan Updates

Faisal Hills D Block

Faisal Hills’ newly announced D Block is again an incredibly luxurious expansion of the existing Faisal Hills Housing Society. Faisal Hills is already popular among the customers as a gem because everybody is familiar with its prestige and its edge as it is counted among the top most luxurious housing societies which are RDA-approved. Faisal Hills is a joint venture of Faisal Town Pvt. Ltd. and Zedem International and on the prime location of the G.T. Road Taxila. The architects of Faisal Hills made a  spectacle of private housing societies in Pakistan and achieved a benchmark of providing higher living standards at phenomenal prices. The society is a genuine combination of style and comfort with extremely affordable prices depicting a tone of international quality of living. Faisal Hills is a complete living package where everything is placed according to international living standards and is conventional for its architects, prime spot, safety, worthwhile neighborhood, and versatile approach to living, making it one of the finest investment options in Pakistan. Faisal Hills D Block Islamabad is a proven masterpiece that is no doubt worth investing in because of its state-of-the-art planning and the amenities it has included in the development. The housing society possesses a calm and quiet position for the residents so they can live in a noise-free environment aside from the hectic urban routines.

Owners And Developers – Faisal Hills D Block:

Faisal Hills D Block is another marvel of Faisal Town Group, a renowned name with an experienced team of architects and designers in the real estate sector of the twin cities of Pakistan. They are profoundly gifted professionals within the field. Zedem International and Faisal Town Pvt. Ltd is the core architect of Block D whereas Chaudhry Abdul Majeed, a renowned name in the real estate industry of Pakistan is the owner of the society.  The enterprise has been associated with the real estate industry for a long time and has successfully delivered some very state-of-the-art housing projects under the name of Faisal. Some of the successfully delivered housing projects from these duo are:

  • Faisal Town
  • Faisal Hills
  • Faisal Villas
  • SEA Square
  • Faisal Margalla City

NOC – Faisal Hills D Block:

NOC approval of any housing society is the main thing which is the actual doorway of the investments and trust people put into that project. Its approval and disapproval is the sole element that makes most of us concerned about newly developing housing schemes. Buying without the assurance of it being legal is an act of numbness that can afterward cause trouble. The NOC of Faisal Hills D Block is approved by the RDA (Rawalpindi Development Authority) which demonstrates the project is 100% legal. The major concern shown by the investors and clients when it comes to making residencies in the society is the approval of the NOC of the selected housing society. 

Faisal Hills approved with RDA, covers the area of more than 25000 Kanals of land for the investment of both residential and commercial purposes.

Distinguished Offers Of Faisal Hills D Block:

The announcement of D Block of Faisal Hills has already made a huge impact in the market. Some exceptionally noticeable offers the D Block is giving to its customers within very reasonable prices and feasible time to avail are also becoming the center of attention among the interested customers. Chaudhry Majeed, the owner of the Faisal Hills has always delivered the best as per his commitments, and similar to that, he is again giving some exciting offers to its D Block customers. So what are those things which are making this Block more and more prominent for a must-done investment, let’s find out. 

  • The overall land of D Block is already flattened and would be available for any kind of residential or commercial construction. The development work was already started even before the announcement of the D Block in the market.
  •  If a customer wants to own his choice of plot, he can have that by paying the full payment of the plot while getting a 21% discount at the time of payment. So the customers can get their desired plots on the spot through full payment with an exciting discount offer. 
  • Still, if someone wants to just book a plot and go for the installment plan, he is also welcome but the customer will get the plot number and location after clearing the entire amount of the land. 


Faisal Hills D Block has come up with a range of sizes of plots for the customers so that they can get the plots of their choice and budget. The price plan, plot sizes, and the number of plots available in D Block are shared by Faisal Hills Management with the customers. Following are the plot sizes announced by the Faisal Hills.

  • 25 x 50
  • 30 x 60
  • 35 x 70
  • 40 x 80
  • 50 x 90
  • 75 x 120

The total number of available plots announced in D Block is 2,435.

Faisal Hills D Block Payment Plan :

Faisal Hills D Block has come up with a range of sizes of plots for the customers so that they can get the plots of their choice and budget. The Faisal Hills D Block payment plan is finally shared by the Faisal Hills management. The plot sizes are shared with the customers and the number of plots that are available in the D Block are also shared by the management. It’s extremely important here to notice that only limited plots are available due to the massive demand of the society, there is a scarcity of plots which shows the quality of the management and at the same time the demand that it has created in the market is phenomenal. In short, Faisal Hills is a giant and has been exceptionally fulfilling the demands of the real estate industry in Pakistan.

As the pioneers of Faisal Group, presenting and completing several projects under the name of Faisal Town, the developers are extremely professional in bringing the state-of-the-art work and providing the blend of luxury and affordability together to its clients. Faisal Hills D Block payment plan is extremely feasible for the clients and has an installment option of 4 years. Whether you want to buy it in a single slot or through installments, it is a highly appreciable society and would definitely give a huge return with the passage of time. We bring you the very first and foremost pricing plan initially given by the Faisal Hills D-Block management, which is surely going to give a detailed overview of the cost and your investment feasibility.

The payment plan issued by the management has some really exciting options to avail and the management has given some serious focus to providing a good investment option to the investors.

The total number of available plots announced in D Block is 2,435

Faisal Hills D Block Payment Plan:

There are numerous benefits to owning real estate. To begin with, owning property can deliver amazing returns. By and large, real estate is considered a long-term resource that’s substantial, functional, and of confined supply. Since the limited availability of land, futuristic patterns have appeared that real estate will proceed to appreciate over time. The site of any land is critical, but the cost is more important.

 Buying plots is the foremost thought real estate venture and is sometimes considered insignificant. But this is not what it looks like. Contrary to investments such as stocks and commodities, there’s a continuous demand for land. With an exact arrangement and clear goals, you would be able to obtain land without creating a gap in our financial routine. Once you possess the raw property, costs are low unless you develop something on it either residential or commercial. There’s no denying that crude arrive speculation comes with a few dangers and drawbacks. Still, the landowner can dodge these dangers and harvest the benefits by taking the proper activities at the correct time.

Be that as it may, arrive ventures beat other options with the benefits they offer. Arrive may be a substantial speculation and an resource that keeps expanding in value over time.

Faisal Hills D Block has come up with a range of sizes of plots for the customers so that they can get the plots of their choice and budget. The price plan is yet to be shared by the Faisal Hills Management for its D Block project but the plot sizes are shared with the customers and the number of plots that are available in the D Block. Following are the plot sizes announced by the Faisal Hills.


Faisal Hills D Block is situated very near to the G.T Road Taxila making it a way more prominent society among others with exceptional sceneries and natural and historical landmarks. This location is also surrounded by several other housing schemes, with every single amenity one requires in a housing project such as community centers, theme parks, health centers, educational centers, and grocery marts. So, calculating the peace and the facilities nearby the society, anybody can conclude that this is an exceptional opportunity for customers as they can find almost everything within their reach while living a conventional life in Faisal Hills.


Mentioned below are the main points near The Faisal Hills D Block as they are easily accessible from the D Block and vice versa.

  • Margalla Hospital – 20 min driveaway
  • COMSATS University, Islamabad – 15 min driveaway
  • Wah Cantt – 20 min driveaway
  • Heavy Industries Taxila
  • Pakistan Ordnance Factories
  • HITEC University Taxila Cantt
  • Margalla Avenue Islamabad (Under Construction)


Taxila has some very exceptional world heritage sites and possesses a great historical city’s worth. Many world heritage sites and ancient places were found after the burial. Faisal Hills D Block residence makes you live nearby the ancient heritage sites which are mesmerizingly awesome when it comes to visiting and telling stories to your circle. The city of Taxila has been internationally renowned for its patrimony and also the calmness and closeness to the capital of Pakistan and a doorway to several other cities of Pakistan of KPK province.

Following are the main landmarks which are nearby D Block of Faisal Hills with just a few minutes of driveaway.

  • Jain Stupa Taxila
  • Sun Temple Taxila 
  • The Khader Mohra – UNESCO World Heritage Site
  • Taxila Museum
  • The Giri Fort Taxila
  • The Nicholson Tower Taxila. 
  • Sher Shah Park Wah Cantt
  • Wah Garden

The Booking Procedure

Below mentioned documents are needed when you want to book a plot in Faisal Hills D Block:

  • Copies of buyer’s National ID Card (02)
  • Copy of National ID Card of buyer’s Kinsman (02)
  • Passport extent photo (01)
  • Booking payment (Cheque/ Pay order/Cash)
  • Two copies of overseas national ID card for an overseas client

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