Exciting news has been announced by the management of Faisal Hills Taxila which would be another great opportunity for the investors

and for those who missed the previous one i.e investing in Faisal Hills’ Islamabad earlier blocks. The management of Faisal Hills Islamabad

is going to inform the real estate dealers and marketers about a new exciting investment opportunity within the society. According to the news

spreading in the market, Faisal Hills is about to announce a new block for booking in a convention going to be held on Thursday, 19th May 2022.

This meeting between the Faisal Hills Islamabad authorities and merchants is going to be held at Faisal Mansion, Faisal Hills Islamabad.

The CEO of Faisal Hills Chaudhry Abdul Majeed has declared about this meeting during an interview with the media. The CEO of Faisal Hills

stated that the very reason for arranging this meeting is to give a brief to all the concerned faculty and investors of Faisal Hills Taxila where he

also mentioned introducing something latest in the society. From the sources, it is about to conclude that Faisal Hills is launching a new booking

of a block that might be named D-Block or C-1 Block but that would be a later matter.

The CEO of Faisal Hills D Block has invited all the real estate dealers’ community to the event and expressed that a mega supper would also be organized

for the visitors. Parallel to this, there will also be a conversation on Faisal Residencia and other crucial things related to the Faisal Hills Housing society.

This meeting is going to be an important event within the history of Faisal Hills.

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