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FWO Has Been Awarded a Contract of Rs 22.8 Billion By Rawalpindi

FWO has been awarded a contract of Rs 22.8 billion by Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA) to construct a 38.3-km-long Rawalpindi Ring Road that will connect Rawat to Thalian.

RDA Chairman Tariq Mehmood further elaborated that the implementation of PEPRA rule 59E was observed in the selection procedure and all the concerned individuals were included to scrutinize the technical and environmental bids after thorough conduct, the contract was awarded to Frontier Works Organization (FWO). The FWO proposed its bid about 300 million lesser than the actual amount, said the RDA chairman which eventually made them win the bid.

The Rawalpindi Ring road will be developed between Baant N-5 to Tahlian M-2 which would make it 38.3 km long. The Punjab Environmental protection Agency has announced a public hearing on March 29, before issuing the NOC. There was a huge corruption scandal found from the government side when the news was heard about the extension of its length but the project has now been restored according to the planned structure of the previous government. However, the economic zone has been eliminated from the project, which showed serious concerns from the traders and chamber of commerce and industries. The whole project will be completed under the supervision of RDA in the tenure of two years.

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