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Invest in Prime Real Estate near New Islamabad International Airport

Are you on the lookout for the perfect investment opportunity in Islamabad? Look no further than Top City and Mumtaz City, two premier housing societies strategically located near the New Islamabad International Airport. With their impeccable location, seamless connectivity, and promising prospects, these societies are poised to be the cornerstone of your investment portfolio.


Situated adjacent to the New Islamabad International Airport, both Top City and Mumtaz City offer a rare advantage in terms of location. As an investor, proximity to key transportation hubs is paramount, and these societies provide just that. The ease of access to the airport not only ensures convenience for residents but also opens up a world of possibilities for commercial ventures.

mumtaz city location

Mumtaz City boasts a prime location, conveniently connected to the M-1 and M-2 motorways, ensuring easy access to various parts of the city and neighboring regions. Situated on the prestigious Kashmir Highway, the society is merely a short drive away from the airport, making travel and commuting hassle-free.

Mumtaz City offers a diverse range of residential plots to cater to different preferences and needs. Whether you’re looking for a cozy 5, 7, or 10 marla home or dreaming of a more spacious 1 kanal or 2 kanal property, Mumtaz City has it all. Each plot is thoughtfully designed to maximize space and ensure a comfortable living environment

Commercial Haven

If you’re eyeing the commercial sector, you’re in for a treat. Both Top City and Mumtaz City boast commercial zones that are strategically placed next to the Srinagar Highway. The convenience of this location ensures a steady flow of traffic, increasing the visibility and viability of commercial enterprises. With numerous commercial buildings in the process of development, the potential for business growth is substantial.

Progressive Development

Invest with confidence as both societies have received NOC approval, underscoring their legitimacy and adherence to regulations. Additionally, the development progress stands at an impressive 90%, reflecting the commitment to transforming these societies into thriving urban centers. Whether you’re considering apartments or houses, the infrastructural advancement guarantees a seamless living experience for residents and an attractive prospect for investors.

Mumtaz city

Future Capitalization

Looking ahead, the commercial zone’s proximity to the airport will inevitably lead to increased capitalization. The steady stream of travelers and commuters will create an environment ripe for business success, ensuring a continuous growth trajectory. Furthermore, the presence of the upscale “Eighteen” society in the vicinity adds a touch of luxury, attracting a discerning clientele that contributes to the overall allure of the area.

Investment Strategy:

For the astute investor, the equation is clear. The combination of prime location, ongoing development, and future capitalization potential makes Top City and Mumtaz City the ultimate investment choice. As these societies continue to flourish, the rental market is bound to thrive. Investing now ensures a promising stream of rental income in the future, securing your financial well-being.

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