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Margalla Avenue Operational Now


Margalla Avenue, a joint venture between the Capital Development Authority (CDA) and the Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA), has become operational and is set to transform the real estate landscape in Islamabad. In this article, we’ll explore the significance of Margalla Avenue and how it will benefit the nearby housing societies, providing easy access to the heart of Islamabad while alleviating traffic congestion in key areas like Gorla Mor and 26 No.

Connecting Margalla Avenue to the Ring Road:

One of the most anticipated developments is the connection of Margalla Avenue to the Ring Road. This strategic move will enhance connectivity and open up new opportunities for residents and businesses along the avenue. Let’s delve into the benefits this expansion will bring:

Margalla avenue to Motorway

Benefits to Nearby Housing Societies:

Easy Access to Islamabad:

Housing societies located in the vicinity of Margalla Avenue, such as Faisal HillsB-17 Cooperative Society, and D-17, will enjoy seamless access to the heart of Islamabad. Commuting to work, schools, and other amenities in the capital will become quicker and more convenient.

D-17 Islamabad

Traffic Diversion:

Margalla Avenue will divert significant traffic away from congested areas like Gorla Mor and 26 No., reducing travel time and stress for residents. This traffic relief will be a breath of fresh air for those accustomed to daily commutes through these bottlenecked areas.

Ring Road Traffic

Investment Opportunities:

Moreover, with the ongoing development and increased accessibility, new upcoming societies like C-14 and C-15 are poised for growth. Investing in these emerging areas can be a lucrative opportunity, offering the potential for long-term returns as the infrastructure and amenities continue to improve.

CDA sector C-13 C-14

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