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Milano square a Complete family living space

 Milano Square Mumtaz City: Where Comfort Meets Convenience in Mumtaz City, Islamabad

Are you searching for a home that combines modern living with convenience and investment potential? Look no further than Milano Square, situated in the heart of Mumtaz City, Islamabad. This dynamic community offers a unique blend of residential comfort, commercial accessibility, and promising future returns.

Residential Comfort, Commercial Convenience:
Milano Square’s innovative design caters to the needs of both residents and businesses. While the lower floors are designated for commercial use, providing easy access to essential services and amenities, the upper floors offer peaceful residential living spaces.

Families often prefer to reside in residential floors due to the tranquility and privacy they offer. Living above commercial spaces might lead to concerns about noise, foot traffic, and overall disruption, which can make some families hesitant to invest or settle in such projects.

Prime Location, Multiple Access Points:
Mumtaz City’s strategic location ensures seamless connectivity with direct access from Srinagar Highway and Motorway. Moreover, the project is surrounded by double roads on both the front and back ends, facilitating easy movement and access for residents.

Spacious and Well-Designed Apartments:
Milano Square boasts a thoughtfully planned layout, featuring basement parking and ten residential floors. The apartments range from cozy 1-bedroom units to expansive 4-bedroom residences, offering ample space for families of all sizes.

Executive Living Redefined:
The luxurious 4-bedroom apartments at Milano Square redefine executive living. With sprawling floor plans spanning 3000 sq ft, these residences offer a level of comfort and sophistication akin to upscale homes.


Flexible Payment Plans for Every Budget:
Investing in Milano Square is made easy with flexible payment options. With a modest down payment and convenient installment plans spread over three years, prospective buyers can find a plan that fits their budget and financial goals.

Scheduled Completion and Progress:
While Milano Square is currently in the grey structure construction phase, it is on track for timely completion by 2026. Witness the project’s progress firsthand as it evolves from concept to reality.

Safety and Amenities:
Safety is a top priority at Milano Square, with round-the-clock security measures in place to ensure residents’ peace of mind. Additionally, residents can enjoy a range of amenities, including landscaped gardens, recreational spaces, and more.

Convenient Location Near Islamabad:
With just an 8-10 minute drive to the heart of Islamabad, Milano Square offers residents the best of both worlds – urban convenience and suburban tranquility. Enjoy easy access to the capital’s attractions while relishing the serene ambiance of Mumtaz City.

Investment Potential:
As investors flock to Mumtaz City and neighboring areas like Top City, the future prospects for Milano Square look promising. With a growing demand for residential and commercial properties in the vicinity, investing in Milano Square presents an opportunity for lucrative returns.

Pricing & Down Payment 1 Bedroom Apartment :

Let’s delve deeper into the allure of Milano Square’s 1-bedroom apartments, where comfort meets affordability. These cozy yet thoughtfully designed living spaces offer a covered area of 500 square feet, providing residents with a snug haven to call their own.

At a current price of Rs 12000 per square foot, these 1-bedroom apartments present an enticing investment opportunity for those seeking a slice of urban living in Mumtaz City, Islamabad. With 15% of  down payment payment you can make a down payment and avail 3 years payment plan  With a focus on affordability without compromising on quality, Milano Square aims to make homeownership accessible to a wide range of individuals.

Seamless Connectivity:
Mumtaz City boasts a signal-free road network, ensuring smooth traffic flow and easy accessibility for residents and visitors. Whether you’re commuting to work or exploring the city, navigating through Mumtaz City is a breeze.

In conclusion, Milano Square stands as a testament to modern living in Mumtaz City, offering residents a harmonious blend of comfort, convenience, and investment potential. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to be part of this thriving community – your dream home awaits at Milano Square!

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