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In April 2023, the Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP) registered 1,760 new firms, adding to the ever-growing business landscape of the country. Among these registrations, 228 were specifically in the Real Estate & Construction industry. As a result, the total number of active businesses in Pakistan now stands at an impressive 191,924.

During this period, these newly registered businesses collectively raised PKR 2.9 billion in paid-up capital. The breakdown of business types indicates that 57% were private limited corporations, 41% were sole proprietorships, and 2% encompassed limited liability partnerships, unlisted public companies, and non-profit organizations. Notably, an overwhelming 99.8% of applicants opted for online registration, showcasing the increasing trend of digital processes. Moreover, the report also reveals that 98 individuals applied for business registrations from foreign countries, highlighting the global interest in the Pakistani market.

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Analyzing the distribution of industries, the data indicates that the Information Technology (IT) sector leads with 267 registered businesses. The real estate and construction sector closely follows with 228 businesses, while the trading sector boasts 222. The service sector holds significant importance, with 194 registered businesses. Other notable sectors include education (68), tourism (62), textile (52), advertising and marketing (42), healthcare (36), chemical (33), pharmaceutical (31), power generation (30), and cosmetics and toiletries (27).

These figures depict the diverse range of sectors contributing to Pakistan’s business landscape and underscore the potential for economic growth and development across various industries. The continuous registration of new businesses reflects the entrepreneurial spirit and the favorable business environment within the country.

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