A recent announcement of high development charges for plots in New Metro City Gujjar Khan caused an uproar amongst clients and customers. The Gondal Group of Marketing faced a boycott driven by social media and physical protests.

Gujjar Khan witnessed a groundbreaking moment as Gondal Group of Marketing successfully negotiated a substantial reduction in development charges for the New Metro City project. The announcement of initially  development charges had sparked a wave of discount among customers and clients, prompting a unified response from Gondal Group and the community.

New Metro city protest

Faced with High development charges, customers and clients, unwilling to bear the burden, joined forces in a collective stand against the high pricing policy. The Gondal Group of Marketing, embodying the voice of the people, orchestrated a physical and social media strike that resonated across the city.

New metro city Gujjar Khan Development Strike

Discount Offer

Exciting Discounts on Development Charges:

  • 30% off: Get this whopping discount on the initial payment of your development charges.
  • 25% off: Spread the cost over two years and enjoy a generous 25% discount on your installment payments.
  • 28% off: Opt for the full payment option and reap the benefits of a massive 28% discount.
New Metro city gujjar khan Development Discount

Management Bows to Community Pressure:

Under the mounting pressure from the community and a well-coordinated strike, the management of New Metro City had little choice but to reconsider its stance on development charges. In response to the collective voice, a recent notification was issued, outlining substantial discounts aimed at easing the financial burden on prospective homeowners.

Revolutionary Discounts Unveiled: Gondal Group of Marketing, at the forefront of this transformative change, is delighted to share the exclusive discounts now available to homebuyers in New Metro City Gujjar Khan:

Nasir gondal Team

Grateful Message from Gondal Group of Marketing:

Expressing gratitude to all customers and members for their unwavering support, Gondal Group of Marketing acknowledges the pivotal role played by the community in pushing for this positive change. The collective pressure has not only demonstrated the power of unity but has also paved the way for more customer-centric policies in the future.

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