New Metro City gujar Khan


Explore the ambitious New Metro City Gujar Khan Vision 2030, showcasing BSM Developers’ dedication and future aspirations. Located in Punjab’s Rawalpindi District, Pakistan, New Metro City Gujar Khan offers a contemporary and opulent living environment. Discover the main headings outlining the vision for this impressive project.

Envisioned Inhabitation:

  • Creating a Mega Housing Society Discover a diverse range of residential and commercial properties in New Metro City Gujar Khan, designed to suit various needs and preferences. Targeted Population: By 2030, the society aims to house over 10,000 families, with the project set for completion by 2025.

A Hub of Economic Activity:

  • Experience New Metro City Gujar Khan’s emergence as a vital economic artery in the Gujar Area, fostering commercial growth and opportunities. Supporting Regional Economies: Seamlessly connecting with Islamabad and Rawalpindi, the society contributes to the economic prosperity of these cities.
  • Strategic Location Advantage:Prime Geographical Positioning Benefit from New Metro City Gujar Khan’s advantageous location in Punjab, along with its proximity to Islamabad and Rawalpindi.
  • Enhanced Connectivity: Effortlessly access the society through well-developed transportation routes, ensuring convenience for residents and visitors.Focus on Education and Healthcare:
  • World-Class Medical Facilities By 2030, New Metro City Gujar Khan aims to establish top-notch medical institutions and healthcare centers, ensuring exceptional healthcare services for residents.
  • Educational Excellence: As an educational hub, the society plans to establish international standard schools, colleges, and universities, providing a nurturing environment for students.
  • A Captivating Tourist Destination: Surpassing Tourist Expectations Experience New Metro City’s rise as Gujar Khan’s premier tourist attraction, surpassing even Blue World City Islamabad.

Unforgettable Experiences: Delight in captivating entertainment venues, including the Miracle Garden, Glow Park, Eiffel Tower Park, golf courses, and a variety of fast-food restaurants, ensuring an array of recreational options for residents and visitors.

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