Rain water harvesting
Islamabad has recently implemented new regulations requiring all residential and commercial buildings to have rainwater harvesting systems. Any building plan without a water recharge well and tank will not be approved. The Capital Development Authority (CDA) has given approval for Building and Housing Control Wing. The building control authority will prevent illegal constructions and ensure building codes are enforced. The Housing Control Wing is now fully operational with qualified staff working in the field. There are 50 teams working in building control in Islamabad. Each team will consist of an Assistant Director and two Surveyors.

The board has also approved the Sanitation Directorate and Environmental Wing regulations. The Sanitation Directorate will have the power to penalize offenders and impose fines for any violations. The board has given the Chairman the authority to determine the fee for sanitation.

The Islamabad Building Control Regulation 2002 has been approved by the board. The regulations cover all types of buildings and provide guidelines for construction. Any building not following the regulations will not be approved.

  • Two buildings, the MJ Road and Mari Road, have been approved for construction after meeting building codes. The floor area of the Movie Area has been expanded from 3,000 yards to 15,000 yards. The H Sector Institutional Building has also been approved for additional floor space.

The board has also approved the addition of floors in Zone 2, 4, and 5 educational plots. In a recent meeting, the board has also agreed to provide land for schools to be built on rental basis. This will encourage the establishment of new schools in Islamabad.

  • The new regulations aim to make Islamabad a more sustainable and environmentally friendly city. Rainwater harvesting systems will help conserve water resources while preventing flooding. The building control authority will ensure that all construction adheres to building codes, creating safer and more reliable structures.
  1. Benefits of Rainwater Harvesting: Rainwater harvesting is an effective way to conserve water resources and reduce water bills. By installing a rainwater harvesting system in a building, residents can collect rainwater and use it for non-potable purposes such as watering plants, washing cars, and flushing toilets. This can help reduce the demand for fresh water and save money on water bills.

  2. Importance of Building Codes and Control Building: codes and control are essential for ensuring that buildings are constructed safely and efficiently. They provide a set of guidelines and standards that builders must adhere to, to ensure that buildings are structurally sound, meet safety requirements, and are energy-efficient. Without building codes and control, buildings could be constructed without any consideration for safety, structural integrity, or energy efficiency, which could lead to disasters and waste of resources.

  3. Qualified Staff in Building Control: Having qualified staff in building control is crucial for ensuring that buildings are constructed according to the building codes and control regulations. Qualified staff can help identify potential issues during the construction process, provide guidance to builders on how to resolve issues, and ensure that buildings are safe and structurally sound. This can help prevent costly mistakes and ensure that buildings meet safety and energy efficiency standards.

  4. Importance of Environmental Protection: Environmental protection is an essential aspect of building control. By enforcing regulations that protect the environment, such as reducing waste, minimizing pollution, and conserving natural resources, buildings can be constructed in a way that is environmentally sustainable. This can help ensure that the natural environment is protected for future generations and that buildings are constructed in a way that is responsible and sustainable.

  5. Benefits of Education Plots and Schools: Education plots and schools can be a valuable addition to any community. By providing access to education and training, these facilities can help improve the quality of life for residents and increase property values. Additionally, education plots and schools can help attract new businesses and residents to a community, which can lead to economic growth and development.

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