Top city-1 is Islamabad’s one of the finest housing projects in line with other major hit projects in the world of real estate. It is located on a beautiful point in the capital city and the living experience is phenomenal. Stick till the end to find out why you should invest in the Top City and be happy for the rest of your life.

It Is In Islamabad

Everyone wants a house in Islamabad. Everyone! The beautiful city is surrounded by the beautiful Margallah hills and nature. If the opportunity to get a rooftop over your head in Islamabad on such a good budget is knocking your day, open it right away!

Affordable Budgets

The offered budgets are reasonable. In this time of extreme inflation, getting a plot or a house at reasonable rates is a wonderful chance to get your dreams to come true.

A Door To Many Opportunities

Due to its amazing location, the city is near all the important points of Islamabad including the new international airport and connectivity points to the motorway. This means that the attention of all the businessmen and investors will be attracted to this housing society as it enables them to avail all the comfort to excel.

An Outstanding Lifestyle

The environment a person lives in has a really strong impact on how that person will behave and how he will grow in life. Having a good and healthy surrounding means you are mentally at peace and ready to grow in life towards success as it makes you focused on your goals to be achieved. Top City-1 promises not just a peaceful and healthy environment but a luxurious lifestyle as well. This surely is a phenomenon one would want with all his heart. So why not invest where your heart finds reasons to beat with happiness every day!

All Facilities At Your Doorstep
  • Gas✔
  • Water✔
  • Electricity✔
  • Carpeted roads✔
  • Commercial hubs
  • Schools and colleges
  • Gated community
  • Security around the clock
  • Sector and Jamia mosques
  • Sports complex
  • Eco-friendly waste disposal system
  • Water filtration plant
  • Medical care

After all these reasons to invest in this marvelous project of housing scheme, investors and buyers must consider this opportunity to set off on an adventure of a lifetime.

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