Rudn Enclave Islamabad

Rawalpindi’s Rudn Enclave is a typical microcosm of brilliance and class close to the federal capital of Islamabad. It is Rawalpindi’s main gem and is designed to indulge you with a calm and dreamy lifestyle. Investing in this new gemstone will let you enjoy the benefits of a lifetime. Rudn Enclave is a dashingly extemporized housing scheme in Rawalpindi, aimed to provide reasonable residences for people of every class and income. Its excellent location and first-class facilities make it an ideal investment in 2022.

This Megaproject with modern infrastructure and well-equipped facilities aims to set benchmarks in the real estate sector. It combines modernist architecture with all the necessary living facilities.

Proprietors And Architects

Rudn Enclave is an illustrious project near Rawalpindi by RMRSCO (Pvt.) Ltd and National Engineering Services Pakistan (Pvt.) Ltd or NESPAK. The motto of the Rudn Enclave architects is “we are building a dream, not just building a house.” The company’s CEO, Rahim Udin Naeem’s only goal is to provide a center of excellence for architectural and customer-oriented projects.

RMRSCO (Pvt.) Limited

Rudn Enclave is mutually growing with the assistance of using RMRSCO (Pvt). Ltd. and NESPAK. The CEO, Rahim U Din Naeem has the best motivation for the people to offer a nice dwelling level to the residents. 

In a recent forum, NESPAK, a prominent development company, has also joined hands as the added architects and trusted itself as joint architects of Rudn Enclave. This collaborative experience will be highly productive for the swift development of the housing project. So, in conclusion, Rudn Enclave is the next hub for delivering excessive returns.

Concentrating on the national and global data with the help of using the enormously skilled and expert crew of architects, Rudn Enclave has endeavored to supply international luxuries and aptitudes that have never been heard of in Pakistan yet. So we can easily estimate that Rudn Enclave is fastly going to have that platinum period of pivoting in outrageous returns.

In the development of Rudn Enclave, the developers have integrated all the modern city planning applied around the world. The developers are well known in the market for their commitment when it comes to maintaining quality control standards. RMRSCO Pvt. Ltd. provides a variety of construction-related services such as design, development, engineering, city planning, operation, and maintenance while keeping in consideration the quality of the project completed. RMRSCO Pvt. Ltd. has been maintaining the elegance of living in Islamabad and is dedicated to delivering the best standard of living through the Rudn Enclave Islamabad housing project. 

Rudn Enclave NOC

The developers of Rudn Enclave have already applied for appropriate NOC approval from the responsible administration, the Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA). Even in this early stage, investor reaction is overwhelming. Enclave is expected to obtain a NOC from the RDA within the next few months. The NOC permit is time-consuming as it includes the approval of numerous permits that may include gas, electricity, water, and land transfers. All of these can be requested by their respective departments. Therefore, the whole process will take several months.

Rudn Enclave Islamabad Location

Located on the prime location of Adiala Road Rawalpindi and closer to the M2 Islamabad-Lahore Highway and the new Islamabad International Airport, the Rudn enclave provides the best investment opportunity for everyone. The core position of Rudn Enclave society delivers itself nearest to the prime locations of Islamabad and Rawalpindi, such as the National Highway just minutes from Saddar Rawalpindi and Rawat.

Access To Rudn Enclave Can Be Approached Through

  • Approx. 20 minutes drive away from the renowned Rawat-Chakbeli Road 
  • 20  minutes drive from Chakri toll Plaza on the M2 motorway.
  • Approximately 10 minutes drive away from Bahria Town Phase 8 
  • Almost 30 minutes drive away from Islamabad Gandhara International Airport 
  • 20 minutes by car to Sadar and Rawalpindi 
  • 20 minutes drive to N5 National Road, Grand Trunk Rd, and Rawalpindi 
  • 15 minutes from Dhmial Air-Base  

Rudn Enclave Islamabad Layout Plan

RMRSCO Pvt. corporation is the most important proprietor and developer of this housing society. Management has signed an unprecedented discussion over two years in Nespak. 

NESPAK has ensured to deliver every needed recommendation and assistance that would be crucial. This accumulated experience of multiple years from the development of famous real estate projects with various properties makes them unique in providing value to the customers. On January 1, 2020, this contract was endorsed with 10,000 tracks. The owner contends to be able to devise more than 14,000 tracks that pledge a major land dimension, rather than a little residential alliance. It also plans to procure additional land to add value.


Rudn Enclave has now the best opportunity to provide its investors with residential and commercial plots with a feasible payment plan. The ever increasing real estate costs in Pakistan have affected the ones with low income who only can wish to have their own home or commercial land. Rudn Enclave’s investment is not only feasible but also a great opportunity to have modern facilities at very reasonable prices. 

The best thing about Rudn Enclave investment is that you can simply book your desired property with minimum advance and easy monthly installments.

Rudn Enclave Executive Block

In front of Bahria Town Phase 8 Extension, Rude Enclave Lodging Society is located on exact Adiyala Road encompassed by two Dams. Rude Enclave could be an ingenious community, stretched over 15000 Kanal of land. A key way of life and comfort around this property incorporate 24/7 security administrations, colleges, commercial ranges, eateries, pastry shops and refreshment centers, clinics and magnificence parlors, petrol pumps, and CNG stations inside some km. Adyala street can be utilized for the day-by-day commute.

The new plot size of 14 Marla residential is introduced in the market by the society. The total cost of the 14 Marla plots given by the society is PKR 3,500,000 (cost of land) which has a booking price of 20% made around PKR 700,000 in total. Parallel to this, 48 easy monthly installments are given by the society to clear the payment of land which is about PKR 51,041 per month. Moreover, 10% of the total cost which is PKR 350,000 has to be paid at the time of possession.

Executive Block Commercial Plots

Commercial real estate has a longer rental period, which guarantees an extensive cash flow period. Investors need to have the proper knowledge of investments with better cash flow and better experience, as commercial land has higher returns and higher risks. Investing in commercial property will give you more elevated revenue gains, stable and consistent income source, and asset increase options that no other sort of investment guarantees to provide. Prolonged commercial property leases usually allow for an annual rent increase on the lease.

To boost the business movements by providing the quality standards while reaping the high standard earnings, Rudn Enclave Rawalpindi pulls its clients’ attention to the brilliant opportunity of commercial investment where they can have the commercial plots of 4 and 8 Marla in the Executive block. 

With a down payment of 20% of the total amount, Rudn Enclave Islamabad is the sole housing community in Pakistan to satisfy its consumer’s journey to possess commercial and residential land in the core of the Twin Cities. 

H Block Residential Plots

Now, with only 20% payment of the total amount, you can get a 05 Marla residential plot within the core of Rudn Enclave’s H-Block. Even giving more relaxation to its investors, the management has made its payment plan partial into monthly installments to get their dream property in a quiet, easy, and affordable way. Rudn Enclave’s H block has got the dream offer for its investors and anybody who wants a peaceful residence in the historically rich city of Rawalpindi. At the core sight of Adiala, the location of Rudn Enclaves helps its dwellers to access the twin cities from any point within a few minutes of driving. The H-Block has numerous amenities to offer and enjoy at the comfort of your budget which is why it is popular with our investors, especially those who are limited with their budget.

EXECUTIVE BLOCK Residential Plots

As housing societies in Twin Cities keep increasing, clients are also looking impatiently for wider living spaces and societies. So, when many of the residential and commercial schemes have failed to deliver larger areas for living and doing business in Islamabad and Rawalpindi, Rudn Enclave opens the possibility for its investors to have larger properties. With the availability of 7, 10, and 20 marla plots in the Executive block, a down payment of only 20% with 48 monthly installments gives you your dream residential apartment. But you have to submit 10% of the total price at the time of possession of the plot in whichever block you choose to buy it. The executive block is what you want to experience in life with executive style and lets you enjoy the living standard of your choice with a range of facilities, solutions, and luxuries which you have never encountered before.

Rudn Enclave Farm Houses

Covid-19 has dramatically altered the route people look at their homes. Currently, the focus is on fresh air, adapting to change their lifestyle and routine, family associations, and working from home. The vertical expansion of the structure is also blocking a peaceful point of view. Apart from the hustle and bustle of these metropolitan areas, people have begun investing in many of the fleeing or weekend homes and farmhouses in the area where they can lead a calm and quiet life. Living in a farmhouse implants a sense of security and consolation due to closeness to nature and the feeling of belongingness.

For those who want peace and calmness to live unforgettable moments of their lives, Rudn Enclave allows them to live such sensations with complete solitariness far away from the noises of the city. The farmhouse option provided by the Rudn Enclave is open to everybody just at the booking of 15% of the entire cost and with 5% on confirmation. So that you can get the farmhouse of sizes 4 Kanal and 8 Kanal with different prices as per your comforts and requirements.

General Block Commercial Plots

Commercial real estate, certainly, can deliver significant increases and steady returns. This type of investment is the priority of most investors, even during times of financial indecisiveness. For those willing to tackle the problem of inflation so that it would not affect their life-long financial profile, direct asset development in commercial real estate can be a significant barrier to resisting the outcomes of inflation. With the explicit acquisition of the commercial real estate acquisition, one can have the best feeling of holding an asset that he can glimpse and sense. Moreover, the commercials have always got an edge over the residentials when it comes to economic valuation.

The commercial plots of the Rudn Enclave can be booked at only a 15% down payment of the full price of the plot. The society is offering 4 and 8 Marla sizes of commercial property at exceptionally affordable prices in its general block. This offer would be the best among several other housing societies in the Twin Cities of Pakistan and is improving the living norms of its investors with increased earning possibilities. With the investment in Rudn Enclave’s General Block Commercial, one gets the guarantee of getting a great return on investment and opens the door to financial stability.

The Booking Procedure

Below mentioned documents are needed when you want to book a plot in Rudn Enclave:

  • Copy of buyer National ID Card (01)
  • Copy of National ID Card of buyer Kinsman (01)
  • Passport extent photo (02)
  • Booking payment (Cheque/ Pay order/Cash)

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