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Sarzameen Diamond City

The Sarzameen Diamond City guarantees a cutting-edge way of life and huge future opportunities. The housing project is outlined in such a way that all the cutting-edge facilities are at your benefit on a reasonable budget. It is a dream to possess such a place where all your advanced way of life choices meet and presently we are here to make your dream come true through SarZameen Diamond City. Everything utilized within the model is worth paying for. State of the craftsmanship passages to ventilation frameworks, technology, interior & exterior designs. It is built on earthquake-resistant building material, safety equipment utilization within the building, and world-class security is guaranteed. All of this makes SarZameen Diamond City an absolute opportunity to avail for future investment with high profitability.


Dr. Masoom Khan Kasi

Masoom Khan Kasi is a very active person who has been a very relentless soul throughout his lifetime. He is a professor of Biochemistry and pathology by profession. Dr. Khan is also a well-renowned surgeon who has worked both in Pakistan and overseas.

He is an avid welfare worker and has actively contributed to the development of the Pakistani Government, including developing the building of the Girls Degree College in Quetta & many more. He is very engaged in the real estate of Pakistan and has been a keen participant in the property sector.

Mir Muhammad Aslam Zahri

Mir Aslam Zehri is a well-known builder in the real-estate sector of Pakistan. Hailing from the tribes of Quetta, Mir Aslam has always brought the magic of his home wherever he goes. With a lifetime experience of working with only the best of the best, Mir Aslam Zehri has had a hand in mega development projects throughout Pakistan and remains one of the most renowned builders in the area.


SarZameen Diamond City is an exceptionally marvelous housing project which is located in Quetta. The housing project not only aims to deliver luxurious living but is also going to be the next medical hub of Quetta, aiming for 30% of the total land to be devoted to the medical centers, clinics, hospitals, and medical training centers. It lies on main Kuchlak Road so if you want to enjoy the luxurious living style, you have an edge about it while living in the prime location of the city. 

The capital of Balochistan, Quetta possessed the most historical importance and tremendous location. It is the largest city in the province and has a population of about 1.2 million with an area of around 2653 sq km. The history points out the city to be around the 11th century. The city is well known as the fruit garden of Pakistan due to the vast multitude of fruit orchards in and around the city. Also, the city is internationally recognized as the trading hub of quality dry fruits around the world.

Sarzameen Diamond City Quetta Facilities & Amenities

SarZameen Diamond City is a masterly planned area surrounded by natural beauty, affording breathtaking views of Quetta. It would give feelings of a dream coming true for those who prefer a serene community. Under a neat and clean environment, the scheme would prove a project of its class.

Sarzameen Diamond City delivers an atmosphere of the Northern region of our country within the city with the indulgence of an urban municipality.In addition to the contemporary modern facilities, Sarzameen Diamond City offers the following amenities:

  • Water Aids.
  • Club House.
  • 24/7 Security.
  • Convenience.
  • Cost-effective.
  • Grand Mosque.
  • Gated Community.
  • Schooling Complex.
  • Quality Development
  • Water, Gas, Electricity
  • Connecting with nature.
  • Subsurface Electrification.
  • Temperature degradation.
  • Eco-Friendly neighborhood.
  • Wastewater drainage system
  • Extension of Prime Infrastructure
  • Organic food & Fruits and many more.
  • Sports complex with limitless amenities.
  • Medical Installations proposed by Hospitals, dispensaries, and clinics.
  • Easy to reach away from maddening crowds.
  • Bird Aviary
  • Cadet College
  • Extensive Plantation & Landscaping.
  • Easy to reach away from maddening crowds.

Sarzameen Diamond City Payment Plan

Sarzameen Diamond City Master Plan

Standard Builders and Developers have made a benchmark name in real estate development. Sarzameen Diamond City is also going to be another milestone under their name as the project has world-class facilities with affordable prices in the current era. Prof. Dr. Masoom Kasi and Mr. Mir Aslam Zehri are the visionaries behind this achievement and will keep striving to fulfill their vision. Their accumulated experience of multiple years from the development of famous real estates projects such as Noble City Dasht and other projects in Balochistan makes them unique in providing value to the customers. Sarzameen Diamond City Quetta will be a small but beautiful housing project near DHA Quetta with complete security and a gated lifestyle.

Sarzameen Diamond City Structural Blueprint:

Conveniences offered by Sarzameen Diamond City:

The Sarzameen Diamond City offers the very best state-of-the-art facilities at very reasonable prices in the capital of Balochistan. The provided amenities are the exact components every deluxe urban scheme offers which makes it an absolute housing scheme.

The developers have reserved a large area for the provisioning of floral regions like parks, playgrounds, and excessive plantations. This town is going to be identified as a considerable splendid community possessing modernistic indulgences and comforts.

Before delivering the prototype, the owner had great stress delivering a nourishing and elegant environment. Considering the rationale, a vast land area has been allocated for the medical and health facilities which is about 30% of its total land where the community people, regardless of their age may get quality of health services.

To deliver what exactly the project is possessing at its core, the following are some of its well-known features our clients can count on before starting investment activities.


The Sarzameen Diamond City aims to deliver a non-polluting and sustainable lifestyle having every healthy opulence. Such a type of natural surroundings will surely provide a remarkable adventure that has never been experienced in any of Pakistan’s housing societies.

Mosque with Latest Technology:

As Sarzameen Diamond City has everything to offer to its residents, it will be going to cater to the religious and spiritual needs of its members. So the developers of Sarzameen Diamond City are also building a Grand Jamia Mosque, a smart mosque that will definitely be equipped with modern technology and framework.

Affluent Water Reserves:

Sarzameen Diamond City Society has undoubtedly taken into consideration the water demands of its locals. The management is going to develop a huge water reservoir network that will spread all over the society. It will save water through rain harvesting and will be able to deliver it to the residents for their regular use. Moreover, to ensure the drinking water provision, filtering water plants will be installed in the society.


As per the regulations set by the QDA, every new developing society has to allocate 2 % of its allotted land for the graveyard to serve the locals for the burials of their locals. A graveyard is a crucial element of any residential society which helps the locals to stay closer to their deceased loved ones and to pray for them if buried nearby. Sarzameen Diamond City has also planned a dedicated land for the graveyard.

High-quality Road Infrastructure:

The framework which you are going to experience in Sarzameen Diamond City is established with such an abundance and composure of professionalism and is qualified to ensure absolute professional development. The main entrance and the residential streets of the blocks are commodious to give away a beautiful look.

Community Center:

The actual intention for the development of the community center is to bestow the convenience of a healthy lifestyle and leisure in secure surroundings. Its development aims to provide a suitable and enjoyable chance for the locals to live and stay healthy as their priority. The communal bonds developed in these community hubs assist to evolve powerful, secure, and broader communities;  contribution in joint causes, sociability, fascination, and community spirit all together contribute to their role. As Sarzameen Diamond City is close to nature, it will also work to develop such community centers to keep its locals fit and healthy.

Strong Healthcare System:

Across the country, health care institutions perform a significant role in the communal and financial improvisation of cities and societies. Health care institutions are extensively important in the mass residential regions of the country. Involvement to enhance a residents’ jovial and financial fitness can particularly influence district members’ biological and cognitive health. Keeping this mindset, the Sarzameen Diamond City management has a dedicated healthcare system predefined in its infrastructure development.

Educational Complex:

The educational hub is the core of every housing society. People who invest in new housing projects immediately look for a secure and easy-to-access educational environment where their children can study in calm and smooth surroundings. The provision of quality education is the supreme emphasis of the management of Sarzameen Diamond City, for which they have allocated substantial land to develop a prime educational complex.

Markets & Commercialized Hub:

Well-built commercial centers cultivate to extend output and reinforce financial expansion. With the focus on financial exercises and improving their volume, the firm commercial center helps to lower the usage of per capita land and thus decrease flaws and financial burdens.

Sarzameen Diamond City developers have been focusing significantly on the economic & commercial needs of the locals. They will be provided with an all-in-one commercial hub to enjoy both business and their financial engagements without going out of society.

Unassailable Neighborhood:

Feeling safe is everybody’s instinct. It is the foremost necessity of a person to feel secure and safe wherever he works or dwells.  Similarly, a sense of protection is essential for the residents of any society, and a well-gated community guarantees safety. A smart security system, well-versed security professionals, and 24/7  perfectly operational CCTV cameras are the latest shift for better safety and security.

Sarzameen Diamond City management is now eyeing further surveillance equipment to replenish adequate safety for the locals of the society. Surrounded by an edge wall, this society supplies a foolproof structure of a top-class safety.

The Booking Procedure

Below mentioned documents are needed when you want to book a plot in SarZameen Diamond City:

  • Copies of buyer’s National ID Card (02)
  • Copy of National ID Card of buyer’s Kinsman (02)
  • Passport extent photo (01)
  • Booking payment (Cheque/ Pay order/Cash)
  • Two copies of overseas national ID card for an overseas client

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