CDA Sectors I-14, I-15 & I-16 Best Time for Investment

Islamabad’s Capital Development Authority (CDA) sectors have long been a preferred choice for property investment due to their secure ownership, well-planned infrastructure, and prime locations, ensuring that the city maintains its reputation as one of the most well-planned and beautiful capitals in the world.

However, due to limitations in resources and capacity, the CDA has outsourced the development of certain sectors to cooperative housing societies and private developers. This approach has facilitated faster and more efficient development, offering a blend of reliable CDA oversight and the innovative efforts of private developers. Buying a home or making the investment in real estate in CDA sectors gives them peace of mind and assurance that their assets are secure

Improved Accessibility Makes CDA Sectors I-14, I-15 & I-16 More Attractive

Previously, access to these sectors was a challenge. However, the development of the Golra underground pass has transformed connectivity. Residents and visitors can easily access these sectors from G-13 double road via the Golra underground. Additionally, the ongoing development work and removal of encroachments along the access road further enhance ease of access.

Another significant development is the improved connectivity between Rawalpindi and Islamabad International Airport. 
 Another route from Thalian interchange and the upcoming Ring Road will further enhance connectivity, making these sectors easily accessible from Rawat and the New Islamabad International Airport.

golra undeground pass give direct access

Ongoing Development and Encroachment Removal

 Development work in these sectors is progressing rapidly, with encroachments around the roads being cleared. This ongoing development ensures better infrastructure and amenities for residents and investors alike.

i-14 sector Islamabad

Investment Opportunities in CDA Sectors

For those who prioritize investment in CDA-managed sectors, now is the ideal time to purchase plots, homes, or apartments in sectors I-14, I-15, and I-16.

I-14: A Fully Developed Sector with Established Plots & Houses

Sector I-14 is fully developed with no installment options available. It offers only 5 and 7 marla plots:

  • 5 Marla Plots (25×50 and 25×60): Prices range from PKR 1 crore to PKR 1.25 crore.
  • 7 Marla Plots (30×60 and 35×60): Prices range from PKR 1.35 crore to PKR 1.60 crore.


    I-14 House Rates (as of June 2024):

    • 5 Marla Double Storey: PKR 2 Crore to PKR 2.50 Crore
    • 7 Marla Double Storey: PKR 3 Crore to PKR 3.50 Crore

CDA I-15 Sector

 Investment Opportunity with Developing Infrastructure

I-15 presents a compelling investment opportunity for those seeking plots at a relatively lower price point compared to I-14. While currently lacking developed houses, I-15 boasts ongoing infrastructure development. This investment holds great potential for growth in property value as development progresses.

I-15 Plot Rates (as of June 2024):

  • 5 Marla: PKR 50 Lakh to PKR 70 Lakh
  • 7 Marla: PKR 90 Lakh to PKR 1.20 Crore
i-15 sector Islamabad

I-16: Established Plots and Completed Apartments


I-16 offers a mix of established plots and a completed apartment complex developed by the PHA (Punjab Housing Authority). Here, you’ll find plots in the range of 5 marla and 7 marla, along with ready-to-move-in apartments.

I-16 Plot Rates (as of June 2024):

  • 5 Marla: PKR 60 Lakh to PKR 70 Lakh
  • 7 Marla: PKR 85 Lakh to PKR 1.25 Crore

PHA I-16 Apartment Rates (as of June 2024):

  • 2 Bedroom (945 sq ft): PKR 75 Lakh to PKR 80 Lakh
  • 3 Bedroom (1495 sq ft): PKR 1 Crore to PKR 1.05 Crore

Investing in I-14, I-15 & I-16: A Well-Timed Decision

The recent improvements in accessibility and ongoing infrastructure development make CDA sectors I-14, I-15, and I-16 highly attractive investment options. Whether you’re seeking a fully

i-16 Islamabad CDA sector
PHA flats in i-16 sectors

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