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Sufi City Mandi Bahauddin

Sufi City is an emerging housing scheme in the city of Mandi Bahauddin, Punjab which offers an opportunity for the locals to invest in the affordable and top-notch housing scheme to secure their dream home in the project. The new forthcoming housing project offers top-class amenities and facilities to the residents which assure the investors that their life in Sufi City will be a carefree and relaxing one.

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Sufi City Owner and Developers

The developers of Sufi City claim to have been providing excellent accommodation services in Mandi Bahauddin over the past decade, which is why it has secured itself a position in the real estate and housing scheme development sector which is well known by the residents of the city thus gaining the trust of the locals. The housing scheme is seen as one of its kind, as well as being affordable by the general public and a project which is trailblazing in the real estate sector. The founder of Sufi City is Dr. Mahrukh Ali Malik. Her entrepreneurship and leadership skills thrive in making the project prominent in providing excellent accommodation opportunities in Mandi Bahuddin.

Sufi City Payment Plan​

The payment plan for 5, 8, and 10 marla plots and 1 Kanal starts with booking the plot with a downpayment of 25%. The remaining value of the plot can be flexibly over 2 years (maximum). The booking for commercial plots can be done with a down payment of 25%, with the remaining value given over 1 year. The booking of City Villas starts from 500,000 PKR, with the maximum installment period lasting over 2 years.

Sufi City 5 Marla Payment Plan:

Sufi City 8 Marla Payment Plan:

Sufi City 10 Marla Payment Plan:

Sufi City 1 Kanal Payment Plan:

Sufi City Master Plan

The area of Sufi City is spread over an area of 200 Kanals and the property sizes which are offered in SUFI CITY are multiple. The Following are the Residential Plots offered :

  • 5 Marla
  • 8 Marla
  • 10 Marla
  • 1 Kanal
  • 14 Marla (Royal Enclave)

The following will be part of Sufi City as well, each featuring its specialty:

  1. City Villas
  2. Beacon Villas
  3. Royal Enclave

To encourage businessmen to invest as it proposes an opportunity with its Commercial Sector.

City Villas: City Villas are an icon for those who aim to live a luxurious life with their homes being designed with modern-day architectural designs and beautiful latest aesthetics.

Beacon Villas: Beacon Villas is situated in the epicenter of Sufi City,  which features the designing and constructing of family villas and townhouses concurrently taking the customer’s desire, budget and requirements into consideration. The houses and villas are vast and immense to ensure the comfortable and lavish lifestyle of the residents who chose to invest in Beach Villas.

Royal Enclave: This Sector of Sufi City exclusively offers 14 Marla Plots. The community is gated with beautifully lighted roads that are lined with tall green palm trees which adds to its aesthetics. The Towns prominent landlords and businessmen reside in this sector of Sufi City.

Commercial: To cater to the needs of the residents as well as to offer business investment opportunities to the branded restaurants of Pakistan, Sufi City has inaugurated a commercial sector that will increase the sales and customer outreach of the well-known fast food chains in Pakistan.


The Management of Sufi City has not compromised in providing the best of the best facilities that they can offer their residents to ensure that the living quality of life of the residents is dramatically improved within the walls of the housing society. The following are the salient facilities offered by Sufi City:

  • Gated Community: The community of Sufi City enjoys a gated community that is situated in the Beacon Villas sector. Built according to the standards of modern-day infrastructure, the gated community offers the residents the perk of enjoying their freshening morning walks or late-night strolls with a full sense of security. Moreover, casual matches can also be witnessed in community areas.
  • 24/7 Security: Security is taken care of with utmost importance in Sufi City to assure the inhabitants that they are living in a crime-free environment. Patrol cars will patrol the streets and areas regularly. Trained Guards will be posted throughout the housing scheme. Furthermore, CCTV cameras will provide surveillance of the community.
  • Police Station: To ensure law and order are properly maintained, Sufi City will feature a police station that will exclusively handle the affairs of Sufi City appropriately.
  • Educational Institute: The housing scheme of Sufi City will have its very own Beacon House campus which will ensure the children of the residents get top-notch education for both Cambridge O level and Federal education systems.
  • Basic Utilities: The management of Sufi City has made arrangements for the inhabitants to make sure they get an uninterrupted supply of basic utilities. Each household will have its supply of Sui Gas in abundance. A grid station that serves the purpose of supplying electricity to the residents assures the residents of round-the-clock electricity service. A water reservoir is a present overhead that has been tested for drinking purposes and has been deemed suitable for consumption.
  • Wide roads: To ensure the smooth flow of traffic, the roads have been made wide and are carpeted to provide easy mobility for both visitors and residents alike. Moreover, streets are lined with flowers and greenery to make the mood pleasant for the driver.
  • Parks: Parks will be in the housing scheme where people can come and spend time with their loved ones in their leisure time. The parks will also aid those who aim to have morning walks in a refreshing environment to get a healthy kick-start for the day. The parks will feature the following which will add to the aesthetically pleasing environment :
    • Fountains
    • Gazebos
    • Water ponds
  • Passport Office: To avoid the hassle of passport renewal by going into the main city, Sufi City’s management has included the inauguration of a passport office within the housing project which will serve the purpose of passport renewals or issuance.
  • Mosque: The project will include a beautiful Jamia Masjid, Masjid e Mehmood, which is an icon of modern-day architecture and it will feature all amenities which will aid the worshippers in performing their religious acts in utmost peace.
  • Cinema: An IMGC Cinema which will feature all the latest Hollywood and Bollywood movies in a family-friendly environment.
  • Commercial Needs: Khan Bara Market will be in the housing scheme. It will consist of items ranging from fine fabric lines to electronics which will cater to the shopping needs of the inhabitants.
  • Playland: The project will feature the inauguration of a Playland where families can bring their children on holidays to spend their leisure time and enjoy the rides and facilities within the marquee-covered and immense playland.
  • Public Transport: A metro service will be present which will depart from Sufi city to most parts of the main city of Mandi Bahuddin and back to Sufi City. The metro will leave frequently to aid the residents of Sufi City.
  • Food Eateries: Various street traders will serve delicious eateries from morning till midnight.
  • Restaurants: Decent and branded restaurants will serve as a dinner and breakfast spot for the locals and visitors of Sufi City.
  • Banks: Multiple banks and ATMs will be present within the bounds of the housing scheme to facilitate the locals of Sufi City.
  • Beauty Parlor: A beauty salon skilled in parlors will be able to doll you up for wedding occasions. Moreover, amenities like a Ladies’ spa and fitness center will also be featured at pocket-friendly rates.
  • Fitness Center: To look after your physical shape and to ensure you stay healthy, a fitness center that will feature yoga, Zumba, and a public gym will aid you on your path to staying healthy.
  • Grocery Stores: Grocery shopping will be conveniently done by the locals with the local grocery shops offering fresh fruits, vegetables, and meat along with daily-use items.
  • Bookshop: For all the bookworms out there along with the students of Beaconhouse will be facilitated with the vast bookshop which will offer academic, fictional, and informational books.
  • Dry Cleaning: Dry cleaning will also be offered along with steam laundry, carpet cleaning, blanket washing, and many more with the dry cleaning store.
  • Tailors: Professional and experienced tailors will be at your service to ready your suits and dresses according to your liking and desires.

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