Recently, news has circulated regarding an FIR filed against cricketer Shahid Afridi, alleging fraudulent activities related to property dealings. However, upon closer examination, the situation reveals a different narrative altogether.


Shahid Afridi was serving as the brand ambassador for a real estate builder operating in Bahria Town. The company, unfortunately, failed to deliver on its promised projects, leading to dissatisfaction and legal actions from aggrieved customers.

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One such customer initiated legal proceedings against the builder, citing misrepresentation and breach of trust. The customer claimed that Shahid Afridi’s endorsement of the builder led them to believe in the reliability and integrity of the project. However, upon investing, they discovered discrepancies, including the sale of the same property to multiple buyers.

Realestate fraud

Legal Action:

In response to these allegations, the affected customer lodged an FIR against the builder, seeking justice for the fraudulent practices they experienced. The case highlighted the need for accountability and transparency in the real estate sector, especially concerning celebrity endorsements.

Implications of Celebrity Endorsements:

The case underscores the potential risks associated with celebrity endorsements in the real estate industry. While celebrities may lend their fame to promote projects, they might not possess the expertise or insight into the intricacies of property dealings. Builders often leverage celebrity endorsements to garner trust and raise funds, sometimes at the expense of unsuspecting investors.

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