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Gondal Group of Marketing: Pioneering Excellence in Real-Estate

For nearly two decades, the Gondal Group of Marketing has solidified its position as a premier real estate agency within the city. We are thrilled to present The Sultan in Bahria Town, Islamabad. Our relentless dedication to exceptional service and customer fulfillment has enabled us to cater to a vast clientele, exceeding 10,000 satisfied individuals each year, a substantial 70% of whom originate from overseas.

The Sultan - A Unique Proposition in Property Investment

The Sultan - A Unique Proposition in Property Investment

Under Hakim Builders, we present The Sultan, Bahria town an innovative solution addressing the common concern of average rental income in Pakistan. This exceptional building combines convenience and financial stability, offering a unique blend of Cash and Carry, Restaurants, and Hotel businesses all under the esteemed brand of The Sultan.

The Sultan BAHRAI tOWN

The Sultan’s Trifecta of Benefits:

  1. 3-Year Easy Installment Plan: Own your apartment or shop with a hassle-free 3-year installment plan.

  2. Ahead-of-Time Delivery: Possession granted in just 2 years, ensuring timely delivery and peace of mind.

  3. Guaranteed Rental Income: Enjoy a monthly rental income , pay your Installments through rental income of your suit, by renting out your property to The Sultan’s restaurants and cash and carry.

The sultan Luxury Apartments in mumtaz city

3-Year Easy Installment Plan:

Investing in your dream property at The Sultan is made simple with our 3-year easy installment plan. Spread the cost of your apartment or shop over three years, providing you with financial flexibility and convenience.

Ahead-of-Time Delivery:

With The Sultan, your dreams become a reality sooner than you think. We guarantee possession within just 2 years from the start. Our commitment to timely delivery ensures that you can step into your property well ahead of conventional timelines.

1 Year Inside, 1 Year’s Rent:

Once you’ve received possession within the first 2 years, you get the unique opportunity to enjoy the remaining year inside your apartment or shop. During this time, you will also receive a steady stream of rental income, calculated at a minimum rate of 0.05% monthly. This innovative approach allows you to experience the comfort of your property while simultaneously benefiting from a lucrative rental income.

layout Plan:

Project Overview:to a Luxury Living

1. Commercial Property Includes

  • Hotels: Experience 4 star world-class hospitality with a hotel facility that exudes sophistication and comfort.
  • Resturant: Meet the passionate team behind the scenes, discover our commitment to quality ingredients, and feel the warmth of our inviting ambiance.
  • Cash and Carry: Convenience at your doorstep with a cash and carry facility catering to your daily needs.

2. Residential Property Includes

  • Apartments: Choose from a selection of well-crafted apartments designed for modern living.
    • 1 Bedroom Hotel Suite: Spacious and elegantly designed living spaces for those seeking luxury with functionality.
    • 1 bedroom Executive with Pool: Compact yet stylish, perfect for individuals with a taste for contemporary living.

Amenities That Redefine Comfort…

  • Safety and Security of (International Safety Standard)
  • Swimming Pool (Inside Suite)
  • 2 Side Open Parking
  • Cafe Sitting Area
  • CCTV Surveillance 24/7
  • Complimentary Wi-Fi Facility
  • Air Conditioned Atmosphere
  • Exclusive Suites
  • Fine Dining Facilities
  • Grand Entrance Lobby
  • Guest Service Lifts
  • Guest Parking
  • Cash & Carry Retail Area
  • Rentable Hotel Suites
  • Restaurant (With Terrace Sitting)
  • Roof Top Outdoor Restaurant/Cafe
  • Spacious Lift Lobby
  • Spacious Welcome Desk and Waiting Area
  • Stand By Power Generator
  • Smart Card Access Controlled Doors
Commercial Building

Why Choose Gondal Group?

Gondal Group of Marketing goes beyond the conventional real estate experience. We strive to make your property journey seamless, transparent, and rewarding. With Nasir Gondal’s leadership, we bring a legacy of trust, integrity, and excellence to the forefront of the Islamabad real estate market.

The Team

Gondal group Of Marrketing

Construction And Marketing Excellence

As with every Gondal Group project, Executive Hotel is backed by our commitment to timely completion and uncompromised quality. Our experienced associates ensure that every aspect, from construction to marketing, reflects the highest standards of excellence.

  • Experience: We have been in the construction business for over 6 years.
  • Expertise: We have a team of experienced and qualified professionals.
  • Quality: We are committed to providing our clients with the highest quality services.
  • Affordability: We offer competitive prices.
  • Customer satisfaction: We are committed to providing our clients with the best possible customer service.

Landmark Surroundings:

  • Islamabad: The Executive Hotel in Bahria Town is very near to Islamabad.
  • Metro Station: Hop on the metro for convenient exploration of Islamabad.
  • Srinagar Highway: A Signal free high way of Islamabad just 15 min from zero point.
  • M-1, M-2 Motorway: The Hotel is 3 min away from Islamabad to Peshawar and Islamabad to Lahore moterway.
  • CPEC Corridor: Be part of the transformative China-Pakistan Economic Corridor.
  • Ring Road: Navigate the city with ease thanks to the proximity of this vital ring road.

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Through consistent adherence to the “Five Construction Principles”, which includes consideration of environmental protection, safety, speed, economy and aesthetics in the form of a balanced equilateral pentagon, GIKEN works diligently to deliver a balanced approach to projects.

Type 1 structures are constructed of concrete and protected steel (steel coated with a fire resistant material, most often a concrete mixture), and are designed to hold fire for an extended amount of time in order to keep the fire at bay in the room and/or floor of origin.

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