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Top City Islambad

Top city is a smart city that is one of Islamabad’s most well-executed housing projects promising a lifestyle everyone dreams of. The project was initiated in 2012, and the progress of development is rapidly on the go since then. It is located right in the central point of the capital city making it easily reachable from all sides of Islamabad.

Top city 1 serves as a dream venture for those who need to live in Islamabad. It is serving as a benchmark within the history of residential projects in Islamabad. Overall, it conveys an outlandish way of life & cutting-edge facilities. Top City 1 claims to be the foremost reliable, luxurious & exceptional lodging conspire that draws in overseas Pakistanis as well. Especially, a great mix of the prime area & edge administration, and arranging has impacted the show and future of this lodging plot. In the meantime, the actual development of the venture commenced in 2012. However, market drift is as of now inclined towards this perfect residential conspire. 

Top City Islamabad Location:

This smart city, Top City, is next to Eighteen And Spring Coat Housing Society. The society is being constructed upon Kashmir highway near to new international airport at a distance of 3km. The proximity between some blocks of the society and the airport gate is nearly equal to no distance.

Top City-1 can be gotten to from Kashmir Highway and the entrance course is very simple for anybody to arrive in the society. You can arrive at Islamabad City in less than 10 minutes from the housing community. Exactly it is found at the southern side of Kashmir Highway, at the crossing point of the M-1 and M-2 motorways. Moreover, it is situated only 3 Km from New Islamabad Airport, and the H, G, and F blocks of Top City are lying within the nearness to the entryways of the airport. The Kashmir Highway is fully functional from each side and can be easily used to access Top City-1 and New Islamabad International Airport.

Top City Islamabad Location

Top City Islamabad Project Details:

TopCity-1 has also been approved by the Rawalpindi Development Authority, more commonly referred to as RDA. The mega real estate project is spread over an area of 9081 Kanals of tremendous property that is partitioned up into various squares in particular A, B, C, D, E, F, G and H, however as of current status the Block G of the residential society is taken over by CAA because of the safety risks being associated with the Islamabad International airport. Moreover, alongside private and business properties the undertaking additionally furnishes the farmhouses.

Top City Islamabad Master Plan:

NOC Status:

The NOC status is approved. All the permissions have been granted to Top City. It is also RDA, CAA, NHA, ICT, and environmental protection department.

Investors believe more likely in a society that has a legitimate status. There is no importance of any society without NOC endorsement. Top City-1 has procured its NOC status in a brief time. In addiction, the No Objection Certificate or NOC for the lodging society has been affirmed and enrolled with the RDA. RDA and ICT, CAA, NHA, and the Division of Environmental Protection have all allowed it the appropriate permissions. You can check the NOC data on RDA’s official site for assist subtle elements. In case you find any deluding data almost the lawfulness of society, you’ll claim it at any time.

Owners And Developers:

Top City is a great venture by Kunwar Moeez Khan Constructions (KMKC) with the CEO named, Kunwar Moeez Khan. In later a long time, he made a considerable commitment to the real estate industry. Kunwar Moeez Khan may be a genuine patriot and a forward-thinking realtor who emphasizes improving the inhabitants’ quality of life. He is a genuine visionary who has reliably recognized and esteemed his team’s commitment to achieving their targets.

Kunwar Moeez Khan Constructions (KMKC):

Kunwar Moeez Khan Constructions’ (KMKC) useful approach points to utilizing the best universal hones all through the plan and development handle. The KMKC looks to set a tall standard within the development business by showing proficient qualities and genuineness. They have utilized experienced engineers and talented planners to put their shrewd planning into activity. Aside from Top City Islamabad, Kunwar Moeez Khan Development has too coordinated the improvement of KMK Towers, the victory of which reflects their top-notch skill and solid vitality toward the real estate industry.

Development Status:

In Top City Islamabad, most of the development work is fully done. Half of advancement is finished in every almost majority of the regions. One Kanal plots in every block are available to the clients now. Moreover, each block has been developed exeptionally and the development work can be seen rigth on the site. The blocks A,B,C,D are fully developed while the blocks E,F,G,H,I are having developing work in full swing.

The billboards with names of streets and roads have been introduced all through the lodging society, so it is simpler for the guests visitors to discover various areas. The work on the underground electricity, sewerage and waste administration frameworks have been finished. Top City-1 is the main Smart City of Pakistan that has fused all the most current advancements accessible now, for example, fiber optics, smart meters, e-health supplier, public Wi-Fi, e-tag and intelligence surveillance programs. Every one of these highlights makes this housing society a top of the line project.

With the advancement work finished in the all of the blocks of the housing society, all the residential plots have been allowed ownership to their proprietors in blocks A,B, C, and D while the ownership of the further blocks E, F, G, H and I are just short in reach after the complete development.

The development work of Top City-1 will likewise is far quick than neighboring housing projects including Blue World City as it is utilizing all most current technology accessible to guarantee the quick development work without settling on the nature of improvement.

Recent Development Top City Islamabad:

Following are the blocks that have their own identities, amenities, and luxuries in Top City-1 Islamabad.

J Block:

J block in Top City-1 has great options when it comes to buying top-notch commercials. J-Block is the only remaining block in Top City- Islamabad which is offering commercials on a 3-year installments plan. All you need to do is just pay the 30% Down Payment of the commercial and the remaining amount will be paid monthly.

Kunwar Block- Commercial:

Situated right on the facing of Kashmir highway at the junction of M-1, and M-2 motorway, Kunwar Block offers a variety of commercial options with a serene environment to do business at the core location of Islamabad.

Civic Center:

One of the greatest points of interest in commercial plots is that they tend to be more profitable as compared to residential ones as they offer unfaltering returns and of course high cash stream. When it comes to commercial investment, the justification is that the inhabitants, as a rule, pay the additional costs like support and repairs, as they cannot manage any misfortune for their business. Commercial pilots have a longer rental period, subsequently, there’s a surety of a long cash stream period. The records of the rent are as well vital in commercial plots as they decide the esteem, cost, and the concurred lease in an appropriate way within the nearness of a legal counselor. The concurred lease plays an imperative part in commercial plots, as when it comes to unpaid rents, the proprietor saves the correct to penalize the occupant coming about in quick ousting, concurred over the rent archive.

Civic Center in Top City-1 has all the benefits we have discussed with you and it’s situated right in the middle of society.

K Block:

Easy Maintenance, cost-effectiveness, security, and well-planned locations are some of the most considerable options in residential apartments for anybody to go for. K Block in Top City-2 offers residential apartments with all these and much more facilities and easiness to live and have a community lifestyle in the prime location of Islamabad.

H Block – Farm Houses:

Staying on a Farmland inculcates a sense of security and comfort due to the proximity to nature and the feeling of belongingness. One automatically strikes a healthy balance between his family and work life, due to the fact that once he is free from work, he has ample amount of free time to spend with his loved ones amongst nature.

Apart from the personal perks of owning a farmhouse, there are also monetarily beneficial perks. Farmlands are prone to be financially beneficial due to their versatile farming functionality of them. H Block in Top City-1 Islamabad offers multiple Farm House options for the clients to invest and enjoy the luxury and nature together near the capital of Pakistan.

Other Conspicuous Amenities In Top City-1:

Top City-1 and KMK group promote and facilitate family life as always. For recreational activities, a Safari zoo has also been included in the list. This Zoo will be safe and secure and will be having various animals in it to attract its visitors. Accompanied by the park, this Zoo will have many species of animals and birds being imported from different countries. The Zoo in Top City-1 is under development on around 9081 Kanals of land.

Mini Golf Course:

The foremost self-evident advantage is the great strolling for your well-being. You burn nearly twice as many calories as you’d riding in a cart. A normal circular of 18 gaps extends up to four miles, or more in some cases, and permits the golfer to urge in over 10,000 steps. Making an alluring space for blooms and animals makes a golf course more engaging to the clients, less expensive to preserve, and basically way better for the soil.

Figure within the common capacity of the vegetation on a golf course to sequester carbon dioxide from the climate, and to channel water entering the aquifer, and a biologically overseen golf course can abdicate a net natural advantage.

Top City-1 offers the most luxurious Golf Course in society and provides a solid opportunity of maintaining both the health and living standards of the residents. The Mini Golf Course in Top City-1 is under development on approximate land of about 31.80 Kanals. 9081

Payment Process:

Top City Islamabad Prices are sensible and effectively in everybody’s range. The payment plans for every plot classifications and squares are given underneath:

5 Marla Plots in Top City Islamabad are the most mainstream among the investors and ranges between PKR 65 lakh to 85 lakh. 10 Marla plot costs around PKR 1 Crore  to PKR 2.10 Crore. 1 Kanal plot in Top City-1 is somewhat costly and costs around PKR 1.75 Crore to 3.85 crore. 5 Marla commercial plot cost around 4.5 crore to 7.5 crore.

As discussed earlier, the housing community offers 5 marla, 10 marla and 1 kanal residential plots and 5 Marla business plots. Since it’s been a long time almost 10 years since the official launch of the society, all the plots offered on the installment plan are reserved and now the plots are accessible on reselling in the market on different rates


Salient Features:

The housing society has some features you must know about:

  • 9081 Kanal land of plots make 1135.125 acres of land
  • Commercial Area
  • Theme Park
  • Cinema
  • Hospital
  • universities
  • College
  • School
  • Mini Golf Course
  • TV Cable
  • 24 Hours security
  • Gas And Water Availability
  • Garden
  • Family Park
  • Parks And Play Areas
  • Mosque
  • Play Land For Kids
  • Stand By Generators
  • Zoo

Why Invest In Top City:

Top City-1, Rawalpindi is an incredible possibility for investors as land costs in the housing society will increment particularly after the development work is finished. Block A and Block B, specifically, will become a high demand since they are the most-looked through districts. Thusly, individuals needing a high ROI ought to consider both of these squares while looking for business opportunities in Top City.

Besides the lodging venture is a magnificent spot to make to your fantasy home, after the ownership you will be allowed to begin the construction. All the advanced highlights and offices given in the lodging adventure will guarantee an agreeable and sumptuous living at the most ideal spot of the city. The ecofriendly climate likewise accommodates a solid and safe climate for your kids.

Top City Islamabad is mix of best area, an RDA approved housing society that guarantees safe investments for its inhabitants. The development work is progressing at a fast pace and the development of the properties in the private and business sectors are fundamentally expanding.


The real estate tycoon Kunwar Moiz Khan.

It is on Kashmir highway on the intersection of M1 and M2

The instalment plan comprises of eight periods, 62500 per instalment for 5-Marla while 112,500 for 10-Marla

  • 5 marla
  • 10 marla
  • 1 kanal

The Booking Procedure:

Below mentioned documents are needed when you want to book a plot in Top City Islamabad:

  • Copies of buyer’s National ID Card (02)
  • Copy of National ID Card of buyer’s Kinsman (02)
  • Passport extent photo (01)
  • Booking payment (Cheque/ Pay order/Cash)
  • Two copies of overseas national ID card for an overseas client

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