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Top City -1 Prices Updates


Top City -1 Islamabad is a real estate project that has experienced a remarkable turnaround in its fortunes. The project was launched in 2004 with the promise of becoming a premier housing society in the Pakistani capital. However, the project faced initial challenges, with prices dropping by as much as 50% in the early years.

Despite these challenges, the project management team remained committed to their vision and continued to invest in the development of the society. Their efforts have paid off, as Top City –1 Islamabad is now one of the most sought-after real estate destinations in Islamabad.

Key Factors Driving Top City's Success

Several factors have contributed to Top City’s success, including:

  • Proximity to New Islamabad International Airport: Top City -1 is located just a short drive from the New Islamabad International Airport, making it an ideal location for both residential and commercial properties.

  • Presence of International Brands: Top City -1 has attracted several international brands, including hotels and residential apartments. This has further enhanced the society’s appeal to investors and residents alike. The following are the International Brands :

  • Radission Blu (Read more)

  • Oslo Heights(Read more)

  • Double Tree by Hilton(Read more)

  • Milano Square (Read more)

  • KMK tower(read more)

  • Metro Bus Station Approval: The recent approval of a metro bus station for Top City -1 is a major development that will further improve the society’s connectivity and accessibility.

  • Gas Supply to Each House: The availability of gas supply to each house is another major plus point for Top City -1. This will provide residents with a convenient and reliable source of energy.


Alternative Option: Airport Green Garden

For those who find the prices of Top City -1 to be too high, there is an alternative option available in the form of Airport Green Garden. This society is located in close proximity to Top City -1 and offers affordable plots at competitive prices.

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